Once again, in an apparent attempt to cast blame for the country’s woes on anyone but himself or his party, Mr. Martin publicly asked that the leaders of the Bloc Quebecois and Conservative parties stop picking on him so he could get some work done, and once again the media never questioned the premise that it was all their fault. It strikes me as odd that no one will come out and suggest to the prime minister that maybe if he had a bit of honor and resigned his post for the good of the country, then things could be achieved.

It is beyond me how a man who’s political party is embroiled in such questionable and illegal activities could stand up and ask the leader of the opposition to let his party to continue to govern. It is absolutely amazing and unheard of. I am still waiting for Canadians to shake the cobwebs off of their shoulders, and stand up and be counted as a very vocal majority who will not be ruled by a machine of corruption well oiled with their sweat. As I was going to work this morning, I found it comical that the news reported the Liberal’s ahead by 8 points in the polls. There is no way that the Liberal party has a lead in this country. In Ontario where I live, perhaps, as I have seen how poorly Ontario votes, but country wide, there is no way.

I suppose that the left figures that if they keep repeating the same thing over and over, the people will buy it. I give Canadians more credit than that. Mr. Martin, if you truly, in your heart of hearts, want dignity to be restored to our parliament, then resign today.

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