In a bizarre move yesterday in Halifax, the RCMP arrested Canadian Marc Emery, 47, a self proclaimed marijuana activist on drug trafficking charges . I say it’s bizarre because Mr. Emery has been selling marijuana seeds on the internet openly for the best part of a decade with almost complete immunity it would seem. Liberal officials in Canada have been hesitant to appear anti-drug for fear that our addicts would no longer vote for them. It seems that the reason for the change of heart was pressure from the Americans.

Also charged were Michelle Rainey-Fenkarek, 34, and Gregory Williams, 50.

Marc once did two months time for openly smoking pot at a rally. That punishment was probably doled out more for his defiance of the authorities than for the crime of smoking pot.

As I try to be consistent, I believe in this case also that one should have the right to ingest or smoke whatever they please, as the state doesn’t own their body. While I myself do not choose to put substances of this nature into my body, I say to each their own.

As well, being the head of the B.C. Marijuana Party (only in Canada, eh?), perhaps Mr. Emery just did what most of our other politicians have been doing for the last 10 years. Maybe he just assumed that he was above the law.

The problem is that this man was not only exercising his freedom, but was in fact involved in a criminal organization that was operating contrary to our laws. Whether one agrees with them or not, there is only one way to change them. Sorry, two in Canada. Petition your representatives to change the law, or find some morally deficient supreme court judge.

Mr. Emery’s group tried both of these avenues, and were unsuccessful. His biggest mistake it seems, was to peddle his dope to American buyers, because Uncle Sam is not as lenient as we tend to be. No, it seems now that Mr. Emery is looking at some serious consequences to his illegalities. Members of the D.E.A. have presented Canada with an extradition request for Marc.

While supporters of Mr. Emery and his druggie friends are outraged that the Americans would come to our little hamlet to enforce their ‘draconian’ drug laws as they call them, the fact remains that he was selling most of his seeds across the border, thus while exporting drugs, was importing the wrath of the one’s left to deal with the problems that the drugs create.

There is some rather good news in all of this for Mr. Emery as well, and I would be remiss not to point it out. The charges that Mr. Emery and friends are facing carry a maximum penalty in the U.S. of life imprisonment. Life in the United States means life. What a concept, not like here, where ‘life’ means 15 to 25, with all sorts of goodie goodie reductions, conditions, and stipulations that can have you out in say, 9 years. No, Mr. Emery is looking at spending the rest of his natural life in prison, all the way up until he stops breathing. The good news I mentioned? There is lots of pot in prison in Canada. Here’s hoping it is as readily available in the States.

Maybe he should take some seeds with him, just in case.

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