Just over a week ago, the Ontario Ombudsman’s office released a report calling for the immediate reunification of disabled children with their parents, who have been forced to give their children over to the care of the Children’s Aid Society.

It seems too unbelievable a story at first, as I thought the days of draconian government were behind us. Parents of severely disabled children have been unable for years now to get the care for their children that they desperately need, and the only way they could attain it was to sign over their children to the state. Once they were wards of the state, then the state was obligated to care for them.

This situation involved 113 children, and some of the parents of these young ones have been begging the government for help for three years. If you have children, you would be hard pressed to imagine signing them over like a piece of property. But if the choice was for them to receive the care they need or not, then a hard decision would have to be made. Another thing that would be hard to imagine is the fact that some of these children have been gone for three years. Three years!

Where has the press been on this? Where is the news? Why does an ombudsman’s report get issued, and all of a sudden it matters? I don’t understand this. These are families, these are lives.

My heart pours out to these families, and my admiration for them being able to make such a heartwrenching choice, but there is something wrong in Whoville people. Who made these rules? Who set these conditions? Who is acting NOW that has been dragging their feet in utter indifference for three years? Why does no one care until their political future is on the line?

We will probably find the answer to the first three questions. The answer to the fourth one is ‘apathy’. Hats off to Andre Marin, a statesman. I think our ombudsman should run for premier.

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