Paul Martin was at it again this week, trying to promise his way back into Parliament. In one of the most desperate shameful acts that this man has ever witnessed, Mr. Martin has promised almost 23 BILLION dollars in taxpayer liabilities. It isn’t so bad that he is making these promises, but the reasons that he is doing so. Mr. Martin is making billions of dollars worth of promises to anyone who will hear him, and the media is falling in step, hook, line, and sinker. It is shameful. Mr. Martin is lining up the dough so he can accuse Mr. Harper of taking it all away when an election is called. It is just one more brick in the pathetic wall of disgrace that Mr. Martin is building. Any day now that wall will collapse, and it will not be Mr. Harper or Mr. Duceppe who push it on him. It will be average Canadians, who will refuse to be bought, who will refuse to succumb to bribery. Is there no limit to how low this bunch will stoop. What an embarrassment we must be to the rest of the world. I thought vote buying was something that you saw in communist countries. Do these men have no shame? No honor? I remember a time when men would have stepped up and said, “For the good of my country, which I love, I must hereby resign.” No, this bunch has no honor, nor character. Canadians must bury this lot under the wall of corruption they have built.

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