I was going to start off today wondering why Parliament just broke for a week. It seems that getting back after the summer holidays must be pretty taxing stuff (forgive the pun), because we no sooner get the doors open and the desks cleared off, and these guys leave again. I said I was going to start off with this, but I will just leave it. In case it is too late for that, and in case I did mention it, I must add that any time this bunch is not writing laws or abolishing our long standing institutions, its a good thing.

Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh was asked on CTV’s Question Period whether Canada could keep the bird flu outside of its borders. While I would love to know how somebody could ask such a dumb question, I am going to suppose that it is a result of so many years of Liberal rule. Perhaps this person simply thought that we could form some kind of bird registry, thus simply ask each migrating duck or swallow how they are feeling. Perhaps we could tie together all of the fishing nets that sit idle on either coast and raise it around our border.

Mr. Dosanjh stated that he felt we were the most prepared country on the planet should this virus become virulent amongst humans. He mentions the 16 million doses of anti-viral serum that perhaps may not even be effective. Should these 16 million doses perhaps be distributed now, before any outbreak actually can occur? If this flu, that we have heard about daily now for almost 6 months, is so inevitable, and will be so catastrophic, the last place I’ll be going is to a doctor’s office or a drop in clinic for a shot. Those places will be breeding grounds, and will just help to spread the virus through the population. Would it not be wiser for individuals who are able to vaccinate themselves should this strain mutate?

Jack Layton is back in the news. It seems that he holds the key as to whether Mr. Martin’s government survives. His party, the NDP, is now the only party willing to prop up a corpse to make it look somewhat alive. For his part, our prime minister has once again tried to undermine our democracy by scheduling as few opposition days as he thought we could stomach. Mr. Layton, a man who professes to love our Charter of Rights, has vowed to support the Liberals on the condition that they pass a law which the NDP will table. It is said to help strengthen medicare, but in reality, it simply aims to block further expansion of private services. It also further deprives Canadians of the right to procure medical services when needed, as stated by the Supreme Court. Apparently the rights of Canadians only matter when they can be used for political purposes. As well, we are shown once again, that universal medicare can only work if we outlaw any alternative to it.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has started off by stating another party platform for the next election, one that, no doubt, the Liberal’s will attempt to make their own. Mr. Harper has pledged to do more to help our ailing trades and skilled workers industry which is presently facing an acute shortage. The president of the Canadian Construction Association, Michael Atkinson, welcomed Mr. Harper’s plan to raise the limit on deducting tool expenses from $200 to $500 a year. Mr. Atkinson pointed out that the limit hasn’t changed in almost 30 years. As well, the plan will include incentives to young people entering trade schools and to the businesses that hire them. Perhaps Mr. Martin could do his job as well. In his rush to open our immigration doors, he could perhaps screen a few of these people to ensure that we let in who we need, say, some skilled laborers?

I have posted a page highlighting the bias in our media regarding Conservatives. It focused on the month of October, and I will update it monthly at the end of each month, or as soon as I can near that point. I do find something rather fascinating. Whenever the unions came out against Mike Harris and his government, we were inundated with reports headlining that organized labour was fighting back against the Ontario Tory government, or against Mike Harris’ Conservatives. Since teachers walked of the job October 7 in British Columbia, I have heard zero newscasts state that the teachers were protesting the contract imposed by the Liberal government there, but simply that they were opposing the latest contract which was imposed. The media is careful not to mention the word Liberal in a bad light. Hmm. If someone should by chance accidentally mention that it is a Liberal government in British Columbia, drop me a line.

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