Just recently, Oshawa city council passed a bylaw known as an “anti-bunker” bylaw. It is meant to prevent organized crime groups from moving into the city and setting up shop. I have never, well almost never, heard of anything so blatantly stupid. While on the surface the law seems practical, it is a clear violation of the rights of the homeowner.

The law states that no residence can have “fortification”, which could include steel bars on windows, electric fencing, armour plated doors, and anything else that provides “defensive works” to a property. Could this include a padlock? Are three padlocks now excessive? Does one who has window bars already have to replace them with cardboard bars?

Talk about a vague law. I am almost afraid to lock my door now, as I might get hauled off to the hoosegow.

It must be known that this bylaw also makes reference to observation towers, “laser eye” advance warning systems, land mines, and night vision systems. I guess no one considered moats. I know on my street, land mines are a huge problem. It’s about time this was dealt with.

Durham Regional Police Deputy Chief Chuck Mercier congratulated council on the move, noting that many other Ontario municipalities have similar laws in place. Nice try Chuck, but at last count there were 5 municipalities with council members this vacant. There are over 400 municipalities in Ontario. Five hardly means ‘many’ unless you are talking root canals.

I am sure that there will be many more municipalities who implement anti-bunker legislation as allowed by the province through Bill 104, but I think in the long term, it will be just another law to burden law abiding citizens. It’s kind of ironic, but the only hope of getting the liberties back that this bill snatches away will be for the criminal elements to win in court. Instead of the state saving us from the criminals, the criminals may save us from the state.

There is currently no legislation preventing fortifications from being made to commercial properties, so the gangs will simply move into industrial malls and properties zoned as commercial. There are plenty of homes already zoned as commercial in Durham. All along Highway #2 there are houses which have been turned into businesses. This law will not make organized crime go away.

Once again, like the gun registry, Canada is unwilling to impose harsher sentences for the laws that are already on our books. The knee jerk reaction is to legislate, and so law abiding citizens continue to lose their freedoms. Personally, I don’t care what a few on city council say. Since I am not allowed to blow an intruder away as he comes through my basement window, I will place bars on them if I please. If I no longer have the right to keep my family safe, it is time to move. Let me know if you are interested in a town home.

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