Shameful, simply shameful. That is my honest opinion of the latest use of illegal immigrants as pawns by the opposition parties. The government continues to crack down on illegal immigrants as most honest, hardworking Canadians applaud, but there are still those in the ranks in Ottawa who would use the occasion to further brand the conservative movement as intolerant.

In case they are unaware, Canada does have an immigration policy. While ignored for the most part or simply used as an election tool by the Liberals, it is there for a reason. It is meant to filter those who are attempting to enter our country for various reasons including limiting entry for those who would be a burden on Canadian taxpayers or those who find no reason to uphold the laws in either their country or ours. It is also used to control the amount of immigrants entering our borders and where they are from, with preferential treatment given to refugees. Strict criteria must be met to be considered a refugee.

Our immigration policy also includes a mechanism for becoming a Canadian citizen. As with most other democratic nations, our system involves a queue, that is, a line in which one enters. We have queues all over our country. We stand in them at the bank, at the grocery store, and we sit in them constantly on the highway in our cars. For the most part they are a hindrance, but when everybody obeys them and respects those around them, the queues move well. It isn’t until some arrogant person attempts to jump ahead of his place that we really have a problem with them. When that happens, all bets are off and tempers flare. Our illegal immigrant are doing just that. They are jumping the queue.

Those who are in our country illegally have an option. It is available to every person on the planet. Fill in your paperwork, submit it, and get into queue. There are thousands upon thousands of people waiting in line to enter our country illegally. There is no shortage of willing, honest immigrants in our land and there is no shortage of those wanting to come here.

Why then do some in our political system feel the need to come to the defence of those who would thumb their nose at our laws and our statutes? Why is it that they would undermine the integrity of all of those who are honest and standing in queue at our borders? For the Liberals, it is abundantly clear that their leadership is not hindered by rules or ethics. The NDP has also paired with those Liberals and are suggesting that a bill be presented in the coming weeks to place a moratorium on all illegal immigrant deportations. What a slap in the face to those who are attempting to come through the door and not under the fence.

By pandering to the illegal immigrants who have the audacity to march down our streets and demand amnesty, these politicians undermine our legal statutes and make it clear that their first cause is their own political furtherance and that Canada’s well being and honour are not at the forefront of their priorities. It is clear that they are simply not what they profess to be, that being public servants.

We are in need of politicians who will stand up and do what ought to be done, what is right. We have them. They are now in the process of doing that. It would appear that those in opposition are there for a good reason. Like their American counterparts, they are now calling for something which they refer to as a full-regularization program. In simple words, they want to reward these industrious souls for circumventing our immigration system, and they will no doubt want to ensure that all of these illegals will be able to vote in the next election.

At a march in Toronto on the weekend where 500 marchers decried Canada’s immigration policy, organizers stated that officers for the Canada Border Services Agency were targeting illegal immigrants, knocking on the doors of people they suspect are living here illegally, stopping them in shopping malls and subways. I must admit I am confused. Isn’t it about time they did this? Is it not their job?

Sima Zerehi, a spokeswoman for No One is Illegal Toronto has said that her group wants Prime Minister Harper to end these practices. “The Harper-style immigration policies are … intolerable,” she said. As a Canadian, I must say that Sima is off her rocker. Mr. Harper’s policy towards those in our country illegally is the same as the wishes of most Canadians.

As a Canadian, I am as tolerant as the next person. I don’t care what colour your skin is, nor where you are from, as long as you are a decent person. But I, along with many other Canadians, refuse to simply sit back and shut up while a group of people who have no right to be here march through our streets in our cities demanding that we change our laws. I am sick and tired of being labeled as intolerant simply because I believe in the rule of law and of there being a right way and a wrong way to do things.

The right way to enter our country is legally. To attempt to come in under the radar illegally is the wrong way. To deal with those who will not get with the program and to protect the integrity of our immigration laws is the right way. To pander to special interests and to those who have no respect for our rules is the wrong way.

NDP MP Olivia Chow and Liberal MP’s Boris Wrzesnewskyj and Mario Silva attended the rally in Toronto in support of these criminals. We know where they stand, and it isn’t alongside honest Canadian immigrants. They are simply pandering to the cause of the day and hold the rest of us in contempt.

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