Following a weekend of riots, death and injury, and once again a call for jihad against the United States, Newsweek has done an about face, claiming that its source for the story regarding desecration of the Koran has become unreliable. Once again, a major news source has published a news story without backing up its sources. Early reports that Dan Rather was helping out at Newsweek have not, as yet, been substantiated by us, but hey, we thought we would publish the rumor anyway.

Two questions that nag at me are why the American administration is in such a hurry to appease these extremist thugs, and why the media is so quick to report issues like this that are sure to spark unrest and discontentment with America.

The answer to the first question could be to ease tensions on US soldiers stationed throughout the Middle East, but the ones who are truly upset are rallying and protesting in the streets in almost every Islamic country in the Middle East and Europe. The few thugs doing the killing are extremist groups that are hellbent on destroying any and all alliances that the United States can foster with their governments. The administration knows this, and so does the media, but neither comes forward to declare this. Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change if, instead of being so politically correct, someone stood up and said, “What is the outcry all about? We are at war. We don’t think that respecting the rights of our enemies is a top priority right now. What do you people think happens to the Bibles of our boys when they are captured?”

As for the second question, it begs no answer, as it almost assuredly is because there is a conservative in the White House? Could it be that the media would do anything to make President Bush and his administration look bad, damn the cost? This liberal lot would have no problem posing a national security threat to their own country if they thought they could regain the halls of power by doing it. If you need proof, just look north into our own country. We are talking about the media here, so nothing would surprise me.

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