I have received plenty of emails in the last week from Muslims. To be fair to those who wrote to me, with the exception of one individual, they were all well thought and written with respect. The individuals who penned them are a credit to their religion.

However, I must state that I cannot apologize for my views on radical Islam. It is not the peaceful people with whom I take issue, but of the fanatics who are twisting the minds of their charges to further their own agendas and their bitter hatred of everything. To all Muslims whom are peaceful, I respectfully state that I do not believe in your religion, nor do I believe it is a valid one. I am sure you feel the same about mine. Neither of us need apologize for that.

As for radical Islam, I will continue to point out that it is NOT peaceful or benign. It is a cancer that is spreading throughout the world at an alarming rate. As western nations continue to assert a woman’s right to abort the next generation, radical islamic nations are increasing their birthrates. We are in danger as never before of losing the freedoms and rights that we so often like to wave as our banner, perhaps simply by being outbirthed.

Radical Islam is not a mainstream religion. It is not harmless. One only has to look at the occurrences of the last few months to see that it is hell bent on destroying everything. Suicide bombers are the ultimate depiction of what radical Islam stands for. The destruction of all, even itself if necessary. There have been riots or violent protests in Pakistan, India, France, Palestine, Denmark, and the list goes on.

These protests have led to the deaths of many, including a priest that was burned in a church in Nigeria, a country with a violent muslim population. One man, Joseph Tukwa, watched helplessly this week as his six children were burned to death. In all, in Nigeria alone, 58 people have been killed and 30 churches burned in a frenzy of violence aimed at Christians over a set of cartoons that were printed in a newspaper several thousand kilometres away. The same cartoons that are now being reported as being reprinted in the Egyptian muslim newspaper El Faqr on November 17, 2005. So much for the theory that only the West has printed the offending pictures.

Some of the letters I received state that the media loves to publish extraordinary stories and will seize the most extreme of them, and I agree. What I must reply to this, though, is that the radicals within your religion never seem to want to disappoint them. There is always one trouble maker or another calling for jihad or the death of someone or something. These are hardly the spokespeople for a benign religious sect.

For our part, that being the West, we had better get our heads out of the sand. It is not religious tolerance that this extremist branch wants, it is our heads in little cloth sacks. And they are no small lot. They now democratically control Iran, Indonesia, and most recently, Palestine. These are the three nations that stand out the most in global news stories, but there are scores of others. Their influence is growing in France, Britain, and many other European nations, as well as in former Russian enclaves such as Kazakhstan and Chechnya.

If most muslims are peaceful, as the letters to myself state, then I do not understand why those in the Middle East continue to elect men who are determined to lead their nations into jihad; open war with the West. I believe that if western civilization is to survive, then we must start calling these radical extremists what they are and stop trying to wage a campaign of appeasement.

The only thing that will appease this group is our blood running in the streets.

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