For 11 years now, CBC Newsworld International has tried to peddle our leftist ideologies south of the border. While it was probably lauded in California, it seems that the rest of the country wanted nothing to do with it. On July 31, 2005, the lights went out for good.

The good thing about Newsworld International was that it was paid for by commercial advertising and cable subscribers. For once, our money wasn’t siphoned off, much to my delight.

The premise for it has always been laughable, as it shows how out of touch our news pundits in Ottawa are. They still truly believe that Canadian leftist views are the norm. With conservatism making huge strides in the United States, with Republicans taking just about all of the power away from the Democrats, the writing was on the wall. It had as much chance in the US as the freedom channel would have had in China.

But alas, those who know really don’t and continue to spew forth socialism and call it the news. One could only hope that the rest of the CBC follows in its footsteps.

The newest buyers of Newsworld International are a group led by former US vice president Al Gore. One would think that he would d our propaganda, as it fit so well with his hard left views, but instead, the channel will now be called Current and will focus on American youth. Parents, make sure you block that one.

Unlike most deaths, it was good to see this one come. And what more natural progression could there be than to be bought by the very man who probably invented television.

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