We all knew that the Liberals were going to go negative. When you have sat on your hands for a dozen years, and pretty much rewritten the rule books for your own personal agenda, what other choice would you have? I can completely understand. I can imagine Liberal voters watching those ads with a certain degree of glee, so I thought I would do up my own. I am told that my readers occasionally enjoy some humour, and since today is Monday, why not?

Before heading off to work, I ran across the following story in the Globe and Martin. It sort of lends credibility to the spot I did, and the funny thing is, the column was put up after I made it. Maybe the Globe is reading my site now. Here is the paragraph that caught my eye:

“Mr. Martin used an identical attack in the last week of the 2004 campaign to some effect. He charged that the Conservative $80-billion program of tax cuts and spending would mean either cuts or a deficit — but Liberal spending since has far outstripped that amount.”

I would like to thank the Globe’s Campbell Clark for pointing this out.

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