The federal Liberals have started a campaign to convince Canadians that a majority government would be better for the country than another minority government. After 5 consecutive Liberal governments and a continual slide in our standard of living, I would agree. It seems that Mr. Martin is hoping that more Canadians will embrace Stephen Harper.

The prime minister and his party have been lamenting the fact that little or no work has been done since returning to power. I guess they don’t consider changing the very fabric of our society government work. One can only imagine how much damage would have been done had they have had a majority government.

Of course finance minister Goodale was noted once again this week that he was concerned that the bickering was going to cause the renewed debate of bank mergers. He wants them so bad he is salivating. Mark my words, if the Liberals get a majority government, that will show them that we do indeed forget between elections, and we will indeed have bigger more powerful banks. Once again, Canadians will come in last. The media should be reporting on this again any moment, keep your ears open. They won’t miss any opportunity.

Stephen Harper and the Conservative party would probably be quick to agree with our esteemed prime minister. This country is in dire need of a majority government, but not a Liberal one. We need a change.

We need a government that will stop picking our pockets through excessive taxation. Canadians deserve to keep the money that they work so hard to earn. We have had enough years of misreported and obscene surpluses. This money is not the Liberal’s fun money, nor is it the government of Canada’s. It is ours. Until one struggles like so many families do daily, one cannot appreciate the difference in the quality of life one suffers when they are overtaxed. That money is urgently needed by Canadian families with children. Further taxable benefits are an insult. That is taking from the working man or woman, and reallocating funds to whom the government sees fit. It should not be taken in the first place.

We need a government who will fix the problems with our justice system. Too many criminals do not pay the price for their crimes, but their victims sure do. Many are victims of criminals who should not even be free, but are because of our ‘slap-on-the-wrist’ justice system. We need to fix the system so there are fewer loopholes and less recourse for those who commit the crimes against the rest of society.

We need a government who will stop the patronage, the very same patronage that Paul Martin promised to stop but keeps alive. We need to stop appointments based on where you live and where you are from, made in an attempt to buy votes and people.

We need a government that will stop trying to interfere in Quebec’s affairs. The more Mr. Martin does, the more he alienates the voters of that province. He has driven the wedge of separation deeper than Chretien was ever able to do.

We need a government that will reform the senate, and perhaps entertain the idea of redrawing the electoral lines to give the rest of the country their say when it comes to choosing a government. This is theĀ onlyavenue to stop the rift that is growing west of Ontario.

We need a government with values and morals, for the sake of our children. We must show them that we are better than what we have become, which is complacent and apathetic.

We need a government that embraces our youth and includes them in real debate, and real positions of importance and power. They are our future. They don’t need political daycare, they need political standing.

We need a government that will fix the mess that our health care system has become. An elderly woman fighting cancer doesn’t care where she goes for treatment, she just wants to go before it is too late. Too many people have gotten there too late, and we need to do something. Forget the political maneuvering, and stop telling us what we don’t want. Give us the freedom that we deserve to make an educated decision.

Several Liberals have complained that they couldn’t go about their business as they needed to be present for the do-or-die votes that their party faced through the spring sitting. Perhaps if their hidden agenda to socialize Canada was shelved and they got down to trying to run the country, then perhaps they would have found some common ground as previous minority governments have done.

This is the greatest country in the world. We need to preserve that. We need to stop being a one party government like most third world countries.

We need a change.

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