In the news last week, it was revealed that on a recent trip to Toronto, Miss Universe Natalie Glebova was not to be greeted by Mayor David Miller. One could ask, “So what?” The fact that Natalie comes from Toronto, and travels the globe in our name should bear some importance for the city’s mayor. Things happen and people do have schedules, but surely something could have been done.

That, however, is forgivable. The rest of the story as it unfolds is not. Actually, for politically correct Toronto, the whacko establishment that city hall is, this is almost humorous.

It seems that Miss Glebova was scheduled to open the Tastes of Thailand festival last week at Nathan Philip’s Square, but was told not to wear her sash, her crown, or even mention her title.

According to a city bylaw, “activities which degrade men or women through sexual stereotyping, or exploit the bodies of men, women, boys or girls solely for the purpose of attracting attention,” are not permitted on Nathan Phillips Square.

Apparently, if she had have been wearing nothing but a and had come with a female lover, a few weeks earlier she would have been embraced as open and diverse. She could have replaced her sash with a rainbow scarf.

Has this city gone mad, or is it run by clowns? Once again we are shown the absolute hypocrisy and idiocy of bending over backwards trying to appease every group with our political correctness. The result has been that Toronto is looked upon as a joke.

I am surprised that we didn’t have Chairman Moscoe of the TTC following her in a bus yelling, “Want a Ride?” In the city that once shunned the Bare from performing because of their name, I guess no one should be surprised.

This could be the first documented case of heterophobia. Take heart, Natalie, maybe a real city like Barrie will give you an invitation.

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