In one of Toronto’s more liberal loving daily papers today, one writer was criticizing the prime minister for his ‘sulking’ with the press. Sulking? After reading the entire article, it was clear to me that it wasn’t Stephen Harper who was doing the sulking. Apparently the new administration in Ottawa doesn’t feel the need to run everything that they do by the self-important press corp.

The mainstream press is, naturally, a little taken aback by the new tone. After 13 years of having leaders who basked in the stage lights and flashes of the media, there is now a prime minister who isn’t very concerned with what the press have to say about him or his policies, and the press is beside themselves. How dare a leader of this country believe that he doesn’t need the press. The nerve!

Personally I think that no news is a nice change. There was nothing worse than always seeing our last prime minister on television telling us how wonderful we are and how fortunate we were to live in a country where he was the leader. The constant spending announcements, the apologies, the pleading and the constant spin were just a little much. I am looking forward to a ruling party that is actually more intent on ruling than it is for public accolades and phony interviews. While some media attention is merited, especially on issues of national importance, there is far too much importance placed on minute by minute updates.

As well, the paper which ran the column I mentioned, The Toronto Star, has been nothing short of openly hostile towards the Conservative Party and its membership. They have been openly biased towards the Liberals and have done everything legally and (un)ethically possible to sabotage any chance for a Conservative win. I guess there is some truth to that old saying: “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You.”

So now that the PM’s office doesn’t have a live feed to the press corp, I guess that some will feel slighted and will do all they can to portray Harper et al in a bad light. Hmm, business as usual.

Can you say ‘soundbite’ shortage? That’s okay, the press loves to dig up twenty year old speeches; especially one’s made by conservatives.

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