The National Post’s online edition yesterday proclaimed that Stephen Harper’s throne speech was “short on priorities and specifics”. Perhaps that is because the last two liberal thrones speeches have taken 60 minutes and 40 minutes respectively to read. The Conservative throne speech? Just 24 minutes, even with Michelle Jean pronouncing each word carefully and intentionally.

Apparently, the measure of a throne speech should not be about the size or the length of time that it takes to read through it. What we should be measuring by all accounts is the sincerity with which it was written and the intentions of those who penned it to actual bring the promises contained therein to some sort of fruition.

For the last dozen years, the Liberals have promised to provide new daycare spaces. They have promised that over and over. Not until the sun was setting fast on their fourth consecutive mandate did they begin to even think of signing agreements.

For the last dozen years, the Liberals have pledged to be more open and accountable with our money. They ended up mired in corruption.

For the longest time Paul Martin has been pledging to reduce wait times in our health care system; a chronic problem that I may add was caused by the slashing of provincial transfer payments by none other than his predecessor and mentor Jean Chretien. What has actually been accomplished? Squat. In this paragraph, squat would be roughly equivalent to zero, nada, nothing.

For as long as I can remember, we have been told that the government will get tough on crime. Forget crime, get tough on criminals. They’re the one’s causing the crime. What have we seen for the last 12 or more years? We have seen our streets become shooting galleries, our children become imprisoned to protect them from predators that are released to live next door to us, and justice continue to fade as those who take the life of innocents continually get treated with kid gloves.

So, let us look at what the last 4 throne speeches have actually set out to do. They have intended to fight crime, provide daycare, fix the deadly delays within our health care system, and make government more accountable. Wow. After promising and pledging the same things for more than 12 years, we have the same problems on our door step.

I wonder if the Liberals’ throne speeches were full of “priorities and specifics” and to the liking of those who think they know what a throne speech should consist of. One thing is absolutely certain, the last four haven’t made a smidgen of difference. Not a tad, lick, hint, ounce, or driblet. (I love my online thesaurus.)

I guess we can take the opinion of a few in the media and realize it for what it is; uninformed and unimportant. In fact, the only part of the throne speech that is even remotely important at this point is the government’s actual intent in fulfilling the pledges made within it. You can be sure that the intent of this lot is profoundly different than that of the last.

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