In what was like a deja vu this week, international news stories abounded about political corruption in Brazil. Apparently, the way to spell Paul Martin in Brazil is Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Brazil’s leftist president, or el presidente, was on television this week apologizing for a political corruption scandal that is rocking his government. It seems that contracts were awarded to friends of the party, and then money was kicked back towards his election campaign. Hmm, now how does this sound familiar?

President da Silva appeared on national television to remind voters of his economic and social achievements, and to declare that he had no knowledge of the corruption and illegal campaign financing swirling around him. It would seem that this man has close ties with some of our officials, as he appears to be using the same speech writer.

To illustrate my point, he was quoted as saying, “I feel betrayed by these unacceptable practices of which I had no knowledge. I am furious.” Right. I wonder how this one will be blamed on the conservatives.

No one has publicly accused the president of knowing about the scandal, but most find it incredible that he could be running a party and not know of the corruption. We know exactly how they feel.

In a move that I can say only shows the highest amount of intelligence for Brazilian voters, polls now show da Silva trailing in support, and all indicators point to his government being defeated. If only we could hold our elected officials to accountability like that.

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