To be honest, the Liberals are simply being the Liberals, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use ‘liberal’ and ‘disarray’ in the same headline. Felt like I was reading the paper there for a second.

With a major debate, and I use the term very lightly, behind them, the Liberal leadership contenders have made it clear that they are all equally bland. Almost.

Scott Brison and frontrunner Michael Ignatieff were the only candidates in a field of 11 who were bold enough to stand up and support our troops and their mission in Afghanistan. I congratulate them for having the courage to do so, especially in a room full of leftists. Bob Rae was true to form. He stated that people were firing guns and things and that we should bring our troops home right away. Other liberals echoed his sentiments. “We have to get out of there. Our soldiers shouldn’t have to fire their weapons! This is outrageous.”

Yes, once again, the Liberals have shown that they have little or no mettle nor any appreciation for the work that our men and women have accomplished thus far and continue to do.

Michael Ignatieff, should he continue on the path he is presently on, could find his support wane sharply. So far this week, he has shown leadership credentials, has projected an image of one who understands the role that we are playing internationally, and has had the courage to stand tall and back up his convictions. He has been away too long, apparently, and has no idea as to how today’s Liberals operate.

As well, I am starting to like his viewpoints on things. That alone is reason enough for him to worry. Could it be that Michael Ignatieff will win the Liberal leadership bid by not acting like a Liberal? That sounds strange, but the more I think on it, the more sense it actually makes.

Michael backed up his vote on extending the mission of our troops last month by stating that he felt that “when I had to stand up I had to make a choice to stand with a mission, stand with the troops, and stand with their extension – this is the key point – stand with the extension because Canada is a serious country. If you ask us to do something hard and difficult, we will do it. We should stay there until we get the job done and return with honour.”

Imagine, a leadership contender in Canada going against the polls and the mindset of the party he hopes to run, and running on nothing but intellect and reason. In Canada. I’m not kidding. Could there be two leaders in our midst at the same time? Could Canada’s two national parties be viable in the same decade?

Things are looking very hopeful.

Bob Rae was able to inject a little food for thought. “I don’t think that people want Harper Lite. I think that that’s one of the issues that is obviously going to be front and centre.” Apparently, if Bob Rae comes to the front of the pack, his main task will be ensuring that he is not Stephen Harper. Bob, with all due respect, there is no way in the world that you could ever be Stephen Harper.


Joe Volpe simply spent the day giving things back to people and blaming others for his problems. To his credit, he sounds like a Liberal leader.

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