I did an interview on the weekend with a website from the United States, and one of the topics that I touched upon was the way in which some debates are stifled simply by labeling anyone with a different viewpoint. When I checked my email this morning, I found that I, too, am being labeled. Fortunately for me, name calling has never had the desired effect; that is, in silencing me. I stand by my beliefs and my principles, and as conservatives, we are just as entitled to ours as those who are more liberal are to theirs.

I wrote a column last week in which I stated that an illegal immigrant by definition cannot be called honest. By simply entering our country illegally or by failing to leave once their stay is over, they choose to become criminals. That is simply a definitive fact whether or not that individual is honest or hardworking.

The email I received was, for the most part, calm and respectful. It did, however, leave no room for doubt. I am a nazi, or so the writer contends. For the second time in a month, I will reprint some of the email that I received, and will rebut it with what I believe is sound reasoning. You can be the judge. This is also my way of responding to a man whose name I will call Jose. (Not his real name.)

Mr. John Lawrence,

If you wonder for a second you’ll see in your  speech traces of the nazi era propaganda. Unless you’re a native american, then the life story of your ancestors is no different from the hardworking exploited immigrants that you wish to see deported!

Actually, my grandparents all immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom. They filled in the forms, waited in line, and then sailed to Canada. They arrived here legally, welcomed to their new country by the government of Canada. That is vastly different than those who are now entering our country illegally. They have not been screened to be residents, and they have just thumbed their noses at every single human that is standing in line behind them patiently and honestly. That makes them very different.

If you’re so shortsighted that you’re not able to see the human tragedy of the families, whose teenager children have  seen no other country besides Canada, being given 8 days to pack and leave everything behind and start their lives from scratch, then at least  open your eyes tt the economic side of the matter,

I do see the human tragedy, Jose, but that is not the point. I find it a tragedy when a man is sent to jail and is separated from his family, too, but that also is not the point. The point is that Canada has an immigration policy. It applies to everyone, and I will add that it is one of the most generous on this planet.

People make choices. Myself, I would not enter into another country illegally and set up a life. I would not invest in a place where there was no guarantee that I would be able to enjoy that investment. That simply isn’t wise. The fact is that the illegal immigrants who are now being deported have gambled. Nobody forced them to build a life here. They chose to do so even though they were fully aware that they were living here contrary to our immigration statutes.

these people who you  say, do not contribute as tax payers, are hardly  entitled to any of the benefits that the “legal” Canadians enjoy despite the fact that their cheap labour had allowed the “legal”  canadians to have cheaper houses, roads, bridges, schools!

I beg to differ. The Health Canada website states that foreign workers here for more than 6 months are entitled to free health care. Our taxes pay for our roads, our police services, fire protection, national defence, environmental issues, clean water, our educational system, transit system, post secondary education, and the list goes on. Tell me which of these that these visitors could not utilize for the time they were here.

Yes, these foreign workers did contribute to the wellness of Canada’s economy, but that is still not the point. The point once again is that the law must apply to everyone. There are no exceptions.

And what to say about the taxes that their exploiters/employers pay and which stem solely from the effort of the illegal immigrants?

Exploiters? More name calling. If you feel you have been exploited, leave. If you feel that you have been cheated, leave. The fact is that many workers come here because the work is here, it is honest, and it pays extremely well. Exploitation is not always a dirty word. Illegal immigrants are doing the exact same thing. They have, until now, exploited the federal government’s unwillingness to enforce our own laws. That is human nature, on both sides.

Before  you  were either an  ignorant or a nazi, now if you’re still standing by your statements  you can only be the latter

How dare you. I wish to neither eliminate nor eradicate people of different ethnicities. I believe all human beings are created by the same God and are therefore of equal worth. You may call me what you wish, Jose, but I will NOT back down from what I believe is the correct position on this issue, and that is that all people in any country illegally, regardless of where they came from, should be sent back to their own nations and shown where the back of the line is. Then, should they feel so inclined, they can enter the queue behind all of the souls who were taught to follow the correct procedures.

Illegal immigrants have no right to be here. It is a privilege. If they wish to become citizens, there is a process. I wish all of the hard working men and women who have been sent home the best of luck in being able to return to this nation. They are needed, and are welcome. But they must do it honestly.

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