Watching the news for the last few nights hasn’t been easy. In fact, I passed it over altogether on Saturday and Sunday. I have just watched the 6 o’clock Monday evening news, and I am disgusted with our media.

Taking in the photographers standing around the prison in Quebec where Karla was released today, I couldn’t help but think of a school of piranhas circling dinner. What a pathetic scene.

While there are still cries to not release the movie “Deadly” in which the story of Bernardo and Homolka are told, here we have the media creating a circus. How much is the media generating off of this? How much more interest in the perverted movie is it going to generate? It is absolutely grotesque. The public’s right to know has been way surpassed. Now it is about profiting.

The lowest thing I saw was a reporter hounding Mr. Homolka at his home in St. Catharine’s. This man and his wife have lost pretty much everything. They have one daughter who probably finds it hard to live in her home town, another daughter whose life was snatched away, and yet another daughter who is an infamous killer. For the love of all that is decent, leave these folks alone. Have you no compassion or ethics? They have done nothing, but the media repeatedly rapes them as well as the victims. You must feel like quite the scooper, cornering a beaten man on his own property. Goody for you.

To further the frenzy, you have the sound bites of the outraged Canadians. Here’s a thought for all of you who are outraged. For years, the Conservative Party wanted to reinstate the death penalty. The media cried out and rallied the people against such an inhumane practice. So now you have a killer who might end up living next to you. Maybe you should get out and vote in the next election. Instead of worrying about monetary issues, look at all of the issues. Look who stands for what and vote for your beliefs. Only then will we be spared another joke of this magnitude.

Karla should have been put to death by the state, but our bleeding heart society doesn’t have what it takes to protect our children, so it is they who pay the price for our negligence. Thanks to DNA, we can be pretty sure that the right person stops breathing, so maybe it is time once again to consider reinstating the death penalty. I’ll volunteer to be the needle plunger, at no cost to you, the taxpayer, because my kids are worth protecting.

I am glad that I am not a reporter on this story. My conscience nor my stomach could not handle it.

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