In what sounds like a full offensive the way it has been reported, Israel pummeled Hamas targets in the Gaza strip last week. This has been happening despite a Hamas pledge to stop rocket attacks on Israel. After pulling out of Gaza earlier this month, Palestinians have started to occupy the land that the Jews have left behind. In what should be a time of prosperity for both parties, once again militants are seizing the window of opportunity and exploiting it for their favorite sport; bloodletting.

I find it incredible that Israel shows so much restraint. While the United Nations accuses Israel of human rights abuses and uncalled for aggression, one can only step back and do a little comparison. Can you imagine what would happen if a terrorist outfit was firing on mainland China from Taiwan? I have a strong feeling that they would be crushed in no time. How about a Columbian rebel group firing on California? I have an even stronger feeling that an American armada would sail for Bogota in short order. I commend Israel for a restraint that most of us would not be able to give so charitably.

The withdrawal from Gaza, in the long term, will be good for Israel. I believe she is still capable of defending herself, only now her resources aren’t being wasted on Gaza. As well, it gives the world the chance to see just what the Palestinians are or are not capable of. Time will tell.

While the new leadership of the Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas, has decried the violence of Hamas, the organization continues to breathe and co-exist in the territory that he is supposedly in charge of. Either he has failed to gain complete control of the Palestinian occupied lands, or he is complicit in the dealings of the terrorist group. If the former is true, should he be sincere, he need only ask for the help he needs to crush the insurgency in his own territory. I am sure the U.N. would be ‘encouraged’ by its members, should it be formally asked for additional manpower to do this. Perhaps certain other factions could be otherwise ‘removed’.

At least 15 members of Hamas were killed at a rally on Friday, apparently at the hands of one of their own. It seems that in a show of arms, something went wrong, detonating some of the cache and resulting in an explosion. In a display of sheer rhetoric, Hamas was quick to blame Israel. Apparently Israel can control the minds of militants from space. Sharon made him do it, right?

To his credit, Abbas has outwardly spoken against the radicals who seem intent on keeping the third world status of the Palestinians intact for political gain. Abbas said he was “dumbfounded, pained, and shocked” by the senseless deaths, and went on to reiterate that “It is now required more than ever to put and end to the chaos.”

I am afraid that this will not work. Cancer cannot be reasoned with, one must simply cut it out.

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