As last week unfolded, one country after another found themselves embroiled in violent protests over the now infamous mohammed cartoons that were published in several European countries, with a Danish newspaper being the first to print them. There have been embassy sackings, editorial firings, flag burnings, and at least two deaths now reported all in the name of Islamic fundamentalism.

Let’s be perfectly clear here. There are two types of muslims. There are those who live in the west who have, for the most part, become successfully integrated and now contribute to the nations that they call home, and then there are those who live in radical countries whose sole reason for living is to preach hate and division. It sounds a lot like the brand of racial activists we have here in the West.

A real spokesperson for the people would seek to quell the emotions that are running on high octane and would seek to find a solution to any ongoing problem regardless of where it came from or whose idea it is. An activist is the exact opposite. Most political activists are nothing more than trouble makers who will cease any and all opportunities to further their own agenda, and damn those who get hurt in the meantime. If we had more community leaders who truly wanted the best for their own, then we would have more great leaders to look back and reflect on. Can you think back to any truly great muslims in our time?

I don’t mean to bad mouth an entire segment of the world’s population, and in fact I am not. I am pointing my finger directly at those people whom muslims call leaders who fan the flames of hatred and discontent. The road that they are leading their followers down is one that ends in death, destruction, and decay; and it is most certainly not ours.

Here we have a sect that is outraged at some simple cartoons. Cartoons, I may add, that they simply do not have to look at. The response of many muslim leaders? Boycotts. Boycott Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, and a host of other countries. Fine.

How about the nations of the western world boycotting all of the countries that cry out for our blood on a regular basis, who call us the great Satan but then willingly take our money in times of need and then call us fools? (Perhaps they are right.) Maybe it is time that the West pull out of the Middle East all together. No more money, no more food, and no more intervention when one of their rulers decided to exterminate them when they become too great in numbers. Maybe we should start drilling more on our shores so we can tell them to keep their oil.

To stand on a pulpit and cry out against the West and its unwillingness to bow to allah, and to preach for its destruction does little to help those muslims who indeed seek peace and prosperity in this world. While I do not believe in Islam, I think it is a shame that so many people who do hold that belief allow themselves to be used as a massive pawn circus.

While I believe that we should have a certain degree of restraint when insisting on our rights, I believe that we must take a stand against those who would dictate to us what we can say, and who would have our rights restricted to please them.

I am so glad to live in a society where I was taught to forgive my enemies and to pray for them. Hatred and bitterness ages you so quickly.

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