By now, I am sure that you have all heard how some nasty American soldier shoved a Koran down a latrine (For those of you in college, that is a toilet.) at Guantanamo Bay, the American naval base where Al Qaida suspects are being detained. The question I have to ask is, so what? It’s a book, and while it may be the book that these jihadists use to pray and justify murdering innocents the world over, I don’t get the mood that comes with this story. Islamic extremists are using this occasion to drive their followers into a frenzy. I haven’t seen them this excited since the towers fell, which brings me to this question. Did anyone in those buildings have a Bible? How about on the plane? Were scriptures destroyed in those acts? What an outrage! How about the hostages that are captured over in Iraq and Afghanistan. Are their religious beliefs respected? I doubt it. Those poor souls are no doubt tortured for their religious beliefs, just as sure as we are hated for ours. At least the Americans don’t hold their captives down and saw their heads off while they are alive. I can’t believe how the media runs with these things. And if this is found to be a true story? Who cares? Condoleeza Rice should stop trying to appease this bunch. Extremists say that if they don’t receive an apology, they will strike back. Wow. So they are going to go from really wanting to destroy the west to really, really wanting to destroy the west. If I were a detainee, I would be more upset by the fact that they have me dressed up in NDP orange. At least the American’s prisoners aren’t being told they will be executed on videotape in a few days.

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