For months, years even, the media tried to warn us about the Conservative Party’s evil hidden agenda, but no, we wouldn’t listen, would we? We thought that we would give them a chance, didn’t we? Now look at what has happened. In 3 short months they have undone generations of liberal socialism. Canada is once again in grave danger of being respected.

I, for one, did not see it coming. Though I believed that the Conservatives would be good for the country, I had no idea how far they could propel us in such a short period of time. While indeed having only a minority mandate, it is definitely one on high octane, or perhaps even a little nitrous.

It is only when one sees their nation progressing, (not as in the left’s “progressive”, either), at such a pace that they can truly appreciate the level of stagnation that we have been holding at for more than a decade.

While some within the opposition parties have lamented the Conservatives’ Accountability legislation as choosy or too light, it is a world more than they ever attempted in all the time that they held our highest office. Shame on them.

Again, some are attempting to bully the government into accepting an inferior child care system with threats of anarchy and even of toppling the government. No one has noticed, not even those against Stephen Harper’s childcare strategy, that at least it is being implemented not at the end of their mandate, but immediately. The Tories have decided not to wait for 13 years, but to do something now. I say ‘at the least’ kind of slyly, as those of you who read my column are aware that I am strongly in favour of Canadians having a say in the decisions regarding their own children.

The opposition, while promising to rid us of the GST have now stated that Harper’s plan to cut the hated tax will not help everyone. The last time I checked, we all paid the GST. I believe that the biggest fear of the left is that they are losing ground not only now, but forever. The reason for that is simple. Again, it is only once you start moving that you realize that you had been standing still, or worse, going backwards.

The Tamil Tigers, a terrorist outfit, has been terrorizing Canadians of Sri Lankan origin. Using extortion to fund its activities at home, several Tamil fronts have been operating in Canada for years, with the RCMP and CSIS unable to truly prevent it. The reason? The federal government refused to do what most of the rest of the world had done; outlaw the Tamil Tigers in Canada. By listing them as a terrorist organization, they must now go deep underground. While this will not eradicate them, it will at least give our security organizations the hammer that they need to begin dismantling their Canadian network. Thank you, Stockwell Day. You have just made Canada safer, and have ensured the votes of most Tamil Canadians in the process.

While Hamas has legally and democratically assumed the helm of the Palestinian Authority and now rules Palestine, Canada was quick to denounce their continued pledge of violence and of Israel’s eradication. In a swift move, our Foreign Affairs Department under Peter MacKay has pledged that no Canadian taxpayer will fund suicide bombings and calls for jihad and murder. Effective immediately, Canada became the first country outside of Israel to suspend funding. Most of the international community followed our sensible and righteous decision.

Next, but not least, the Conservatives have announced that as part of their crackdown on crime, the age of consent between an adult and a child will be raised from 14 years of age to 16 years of age. Hallelujah. It is about time. For too long, sexual predators have been preying on our children and they did so with the sanction of the state. No more. Police agencies across this country will now have the tools with which to zero in on the sickest of our predators. There has been much publicity regarding some highly publicized sting operations south of the border which have brought to light exactly how prevalent these people are and of how close to home they can hit.

Also on the crime front, Mr. Harper has introduced minimum sentencing and a an end to conditional sentences. The Prime Minister stated that the minimum sentences will apply to crimes that are committed while a suspect is on parole, and for weapons offences, drug trafficking, and to repeat and violent offenders. This move is long overdue, as countless Canadians have been murdered and victimized over and over by criminals who should never have been allowed to see our streets. Numerous children have been murdered by predators who have been released into our midst.

The Prime Minister also stated that¬†“This measure is going to go a long way to help beat back the epidemic of guns, gangs and drugs that is plaguing our cities. Tackling this kind of crime is critical because it is becoming increasingly clear that rising levels of gun, gang and drug crime are not just a series of tragic, random events.”

On the topic of conditional sentences, he went on.¬†“Simply put, the current practice of allowing some criminals … to serve out their sentences at home is unconscionable. Under Canada’s new national government, serious offenders are going to serve out their sentences where they ought to, in prison.”

It appears that Canada has been lacking in only two commodities for the last 13 years. Leadership and willpower.

If this is the “hidden agenda”, then bring it on.

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