Well, here we are, entering phase II of the election of 2006.

After waiting for what has seemed like a lifetime, Paul Martin is finally unveiling his election platform.

With Stephen Harper and the Conservatives way out in front on the announcement trail, big things have been expected of the Liberals during the final phase of this campaign, which will lead up to election day.

With the Conservatives outdoing the Liberals on the daycare issue, the income tax issue, the ethics issue, defense and health, much speculation has been circulating as to what Mr. Martin could be holding back until the time is right.

That time is now, and what is the best that he can come up with?  Once again, he has pulled out his “Stephen Harper has a hidden agenda” card.  If this announcement today wasn’t so pathetic, I would simply have to laugh.

High Definition Power in the Palm of your HandDuring a speech at the Canadian Club of Winnipeg, Mr. Martin once again evoked the Scary Stephen scenario.  I tell you, I would have loved to have been in that room right at that moment to see the looks of disbelief on the faces of those in attendance.  To be a supporter of the Liberals and to hear that the only thing the leader can come up with is “Harper is scary”, must have left many feeling a little flat.

In a pathetic display of desperation, Paul Martin looked like a hapless participant on “Who Wants to Be a Prime Minister.” Down to his last lifeline and no more friends to phone, Mr. Martin was reaching for straws.

While trying to once again demonize the Conservatives, Mr. Martin whined that Mr. Harper wanted Canada to look completely different than it does now.

Don’t we all.

I, for one, would like to see a Canada where criminals are locked up for a long time, not slapped on the wrists.  I, for one, would like to see a Canada run by a party that wouldn’t tax me to death and promise me the moon.  I would like to live in a country that didn’t bite the hands of its friends, and a Canada that not only believed in defense, but actually had one.

I, for one, would like to see immigrants coming to Canada be screened a whole lot better, thereby letting those people who want to contribute to our great country in, and keeping the gang leaders and drug lords out.

I would like to see a Canada that lets the people who work hard every day keep more of their money, because after all, it belongs to us not to them.

I would like to see a democratic Canada, where the provinces have a say and Ottawa isn’t the strong arm that is has been.  We need a leader who listens, not one who wants to be dictator.

We need a parliament where the representatives can represent their constituents, not be forced to vote the mind of one man.

I would like to see a Canada where all of the provinces have a say in Confederation, not just the 2 in the middle.  Maybe then we could put talk of separation behind us for a while.

You know what, Mr. Martin?  Perhaps you’re right.  Maybe I won’t recognize this country once you are gone.

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