Seconds after George Bush named the new nominee to succeed Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, I could almost visualize newsrooms being instantly transformed from an atmosphere resembling something one would envision while identifying a dead loved one, to the pandemonium that strikes as the bell signals the start of another day of trading on Wall Street. What I didn’t foresee was President Bush having to duck out of the crossfire, as both sides let ’em have it.

Could it be that the man that so few give any credit to just outsmarted them all? The initial reaction to the nomination of Ms. Harriet Miers was a unanimous yawn. The left saw nothing to aim at, and the right saw nothing to get excited about. Of course, none of us know yet just what is inside the box that has yet to be opened. It could be that President Bush just blew the chance of a lifetime, a chance that the future of the very union he has sworn to protect needs to survive. The million dollar question the right has been asking is whether Ms. Miers is simply a carbon copy of Justice O’Connor.

This of course would be horrible, as the slide into socialism and judicial usurpation of the legislative power of the people would continue. On the other hand, perhaps George has done the ol’ sly. Perhaps he knows more than he is letting on. Only time will tell one way or another.

What is particularly disturbing is the ferocity with which the conservative base is attacking their own man. Their outrage at his choice of nominees may in fact be just what the Democrats need to try and assassinate her character. It seems that with his base supporters screaming foul, Mr. Bush has had to speak up to calm them down. He has been busy for the last two days declaring the conservatism of Ms. Miers, so much so that if he continues, were I a liberal, I would be getting nervous about allowing her to ascend to the highest court.

While many have criticized the fact that she has never been a judge, this may be just the thing that ensures Ms. Miers’ ascent. Many feel that their man has missed a golden opportunity. Myself, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just pulled off one heck of a coup. If the hard line conservatives continue to demand proof of Harriet Miers’ beliefs, they may just sink their own ship.

Like I said, only time will tell.

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