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It is an utterly amazing thing. To sit back and watch a program, most people simply take in what is told them. To be sure, I have done the same. After all, nobody has the energy to disassemble and analyze everything that is presented to them. That is what we have pundits for. Pundits, however, have their own agenda, and it isn’t always the same as yours or mine. Sometimes, however, the hypocrisy and bias in a presentation or article is so glaringly one-sided, that you would have to be blind to miss it.


I am never surprised by what I read when it is in regards to Israel. The press has vilified them for as long as I can remember. The mean old Israelis against those poor, unfortunate Palestinians. Nothing can be further from the truth, but there it is in the international press constantly. Take last week, for example, the burning of the synagogues left behind by the Jews. To me, it hardly matters. I believe a church to be a group of people, not a structure of stones or bricks. Nevertheless, the Jews and Muslims hold their places of worship in the highest regard, as do some Christians. It is with that thought that there was so little fanfare over the burning of the Jewish places of worship left behind. Can you imagine the frenzy that the press and the Muslims would have stirred up had this been Jews burning mosques? There would have been riots in muslim ghettos all over the world. Not one protest sprang up on the nightly news, no where did a Jew call for death to all Muslims. These acts show us just which of these two groups are civilized.


Last week, a Toronto TV station pitched the following question to its audience. Was George Bush responsible for the carnage in New Orleans? I don’t know exactly why the Canadian press has jumped on the “Let’s Hate George” bandwagon, but the contrast between us sticking our nose in that affair, while ignoring another was so obvious. I am talking about the visit to Canada and Mexico by the Chinese president Hu Jintao. Typhoon Khanun hit the east coast of China on September 12, while Hu was in Canada. It was expected to have caused more damage than Matsa, the No 9 typhoon this year, which caused 2 deaths and a direct economic loss in the billions of dollars. In early September, Typhoon Talim triggered floods which caused the destruction of 66,000 homes. Why doesn’t CTV ask its audience what they think of the Chinese president hopping around the globe while his countrymen and women suffer so horribly back home? Can you picture the news reports if George Bush was on a foreign trip and didn’t return home to help out at a time of national need? Why question one and not the other? Could it be because Mr. Bush is conservative, or is our media just joining their American counterparts?


Why is it that the press is quick to point out that the Democrats on the Judiciary committee overseeing the inquisition of Judge Roberts are so worrisome that Mr. Roberts may have a mind to overturn Roe vs. Wade? The whole point of having legislators is to have people to enact and abolish laws that no longer fit the will of the people or the circumstances of the time. Judge Roberts is being attacked and accused of wanting to overturn the landmark decision allowing abortion in the United States. Few Americans realize that the United States Supreme Court overturns many of its previous decisions, including segregation and slavery. What would we say if a committee had have stated that they would block a nominee who was intent on ruling in favor of the yankees in the slave dispute? Every judge, no matter what his stripe, will have his or her own beliefs. The Democrats are simply hoping that Judge Roberts will make a gaff and give them something to discredit him by. They hate him because he holds his values dear. They hate him because his politics lean to the right.


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