Most people that I have the pleasure of talking to feel pretty much the same way as I do, at least they did before this campaign got under way. But something has changed, and it is good. For a guy who was in an auto accident this week, who has been sick and off work, and whose dog was attacked by another dog, I really doubted that this week would be ending on a high note, but it is.

I have had a change of heart. If I must be truthfully honest, which is pretty much how I always try to be, then I must confess that a few weeks ago I believed we would inevitably have another minority Liberal government, albeit a smaller minority.

However, with the announcements that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have made, I am now leaning towards a minority Conservative government.

With all of the campaigning going on, announcements are par for the course. We are used to hearing the same old rhetoric and empty speeches. It really does get tiring. It would appear that someone in the Conservative Party has finally woken from that great slumber and has come up with some not only wise campaigning, but some honestly great policies. They are fresh, they are new, and they are simple. The most amazing part of them is that so many of us have been yelling for these policies for years, but we have never gotten anywhere. It is as if somebody is finally playing our song.

Somewhere in some forgotten bar in a back alley somewhere in Canada, there is a political strategist lamenting his misfortune. For years he has had the ear of those in the halls of power, but now someone is listening to the ridiculous ramblings of Joe. Q. Public. The strategist doesn’t know if he can go on, but he will, hoping that on another day, we can go back to the same ‘ol. (I’m starting to feel like Dick Tracy writing this.)

The truth is that Mr. Harper’s ideas are resonating with everyday Canadians. Not the one’s who manipulate the powers that be, but people like you and I. That is pure success, because as much as the other side tries to demonize him it will be to no avail. The more we can relate to Mr. Harper, the more ridiculous the other side’s claims will sound.

I know that the Conservatives are not out of the woods yet. Have you ever cornered a skunk? Don’t try it at home. You see, a cornered animal does not just lay down and surrender. He waits until you get good and close and then he lunges at you in a desperate attempt to escape your grasp. That is what will emerge from the Liberal election campaign next week.

Mr. Martin had his hackles up this week and appeared genuinely hurt at the suggestions put forth by Mr. Harper in regards to the Liberals wanting a separatist in power to wrestle with. Perhaps it wasn’t put too kindly, but I believe that what Stephen Harper said was true. Paul Martin loves a crisis. It gives him the chance to beat his chest and sound important.

That is not the whole story though. Mr. Martin was acting indignantly to simply put the blame for the nasty ads that will be directed at Stephen Harper after Christmas on Stephen Harper’s head. The Liberals are starting to fade and they know it. Just weeks ago, they believed that all they had to do was let the leader of the opposition open his mouth to seal his own fate. While many leaders have gone down that road, Stephen has not.

His speeches have left little to chance, and little to doubt. The policies that we have heard are a nice change from the same old dance that we do every four years. Canadians no longer see him as scary, and that is good, because the only thing scary in this campaign is another Liberal government.

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