A funny thing happened to me in the shower this morning. No, I didn’t fall, but I could have. There I was, in that world between slumber and consciousness with that heavenly massaging shower head waking me up, when all of a sudden the light went on. No, not the one in the bathroom, that little L.E.D. in my brain that occasionally goes off when something important registers.

I have had the same issue of Canadian Geographic sitting on the counter in the bathroom for probably the last year. My kids love to read in the bathroom. While I have never been a ‘throne reader’ myself, I will in no wise try to dissuade them from reading anywhere, unless the content is unfitting, of course. The issue on hand is the 75th anniversary issue entitled “Global Citizen” from Nov./Dec. 2004. I don’t know if it was the cover that made the light flicker this morning, but I would hate to think that it takes a full year for a story to trickle into my head.

I have always despised multiculturalism, as I have seen it as one of the great plagues on our country. Sure, it is inherently good to know of other cultures, it is imperative that we are ‘somewhat’ tolerant of other cultures, and it is also important to be compassionate enough to open our doors when the need arises, such as the holocaust in the 1940’s or the ‘boat people’ exodus following the Vietnam war.

It is another thing, however, to open one’s doors so wide as to be flooded by everything out there. It is not only fiscally irresponsible, it is culturally suicidal and foolish. One seems to want to cower away from an anti-multicultural stance as we have been inundated with accusations of racism so much in our lives that it has become an ingrained thought process. I am not racist, but I hate multiculturalism. There, I can finally say it.

I attended a Memorial Day service last year with my sons, as should all loyal Canadians who are able. I was somewhat upset when an armored personal carrier passed by under the auspices of the United Nations. The craft was painted blue and white, the UN colors, and I had to look very hard to even find the small Canadian flag painted on one of its corners. While I believe being peacekeepers is noble, I believe our sons and daughters should be doing it under the flag that their grandparents fought under, that being the greatest flag on earth; ours.

It is now clear to me why the Liberals have been espousing multiculturalism. I don’t know why it took so long, but I can finally see the reason. They simply hate what Canada is or was, so they strive to remake it. The cover of the Canadian Geographic said it clearly. Global Citizen. We are being remade into citizens of the earth. The Liberal government continues to talk about “Canadian Values” and “Canadian Standards”, all the while trying to eradicate them. They are trying to make us “equal” with the rest of the world. After all, what makes us special or more important than anybody else? As I am now fully conscious to this idea, I can immediately recall dozens of times when I have heard either Jean Chretien or Paul Martin talk about how we are all equal.

Rubbish, I say. I think when it comes to the ‘global’ community they constantly refer to, Canada stands out. Indeed, we and our southern neighbors are worlds above the countries our ancestors fled from so long ago. We have excelled in morality and values, building up countries that were the envy of the entire planet. We have excelled in medicine, with Canada and the U.S. leading the globe for generations in discoveries. We have excelled in technology, economics, and warfare. While the liberals would like to eradicate that ugly warfare stigma, I would remind them that they only govern because of it. We have been the defenders of ourselves, and the entire planet. That was before a long line of liberal governments, however. Now we have no defenses.

The road has been laid out, and until now, I haven’t really appreciated what our destination was to be. Now I see it, just up the road in plain site. Canada is to become just another region in a global village. Nothing special, nothing spectacular, but just another area. Perhaps the liberals, in their shortsightedness believe that this is the way we should go. Perhaps if we are all one family, we will strive to feed each other, and will perhaps stop fighting in wars where so many perish.

I doubt that very much. To the idea of simply blending in with everyone else I say my loudest “NO.” My grandparents and their parents did not fight through two world wars to have our flag become just another flag. They fought because they believed that ours was special, a gift from God above. They saw Canada as being exemplary, a cut above, and so they should have. Our ancestors forged a country, a country that can’t really even be found anymore. The left has done their best to remove any recognizable difference between us any everybody else.

If I ask you to name some of the great civilizations, I can guarantee you that they weren’t made of kaleidoscopes of nations. They were made by being superior, and above all others. They excelled. There were the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Norsemen, and many more. They weren’t satisfied to be just part of a whole, they strived to stand out, to be great. Perhaps they didn’t even strive, at that. Perhaps they were simply just great, and didn’t keep apologizing for it. That is why they are remembered.

It seems that our ruling party is now ashamed of our success and feels that perhaps we are too Canadian. Our children are being indoctrinated into the new liberal global agenda. I wouldn’t be surprised if the suggestion to change our national anthem doesn’t rear its head soon. The mantra is now “We must become good global citizens.” I think not. In cases of tragedy such as Louisiana, Guatemala, Banda Aceh, and Pakistan and India, of course. Go forth, and help. That is simply being human, and definitely being Canadian.

But as for being a global citizen first, that I will reject. I am a Canadian, first and foremost, just as Americans ought to be Americans, first and foremost. You have to protect and serve your own citizens. If you have anything left to give after that, of course. But Canada must come first, before the rest of the globe.

Canada is a light to the world, and I’ll be damned if I’ll go along for the ride while the liberals try to snuff it out.

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