How to Talk to a Girl you Like: The Winning Ways

The way you interact with a girl can leave an everlasting impression on her mind. No matter how good you are with your communication skills, interacting with the girl you like is a gradual process and one needs to be quite particular in these gradual steps. When you think about talking to the girl you like, nervousness and anxiety are some common factors that a man can have. However, there is no need to fumble and act nervous while talking, if you know how to talk to a girl you like.In the following article we have listed some vital information that will guide you with the right procedure to talk to a girl.


When you need to impress the girl while interacting, you need to take the first step to start up the conversation.  Most guys would find it difficult but if you want to make the girl feel comfortableyou should be the conversation starter. It’s quite easy, you need to look out for the topic that suits her interest and you will see that you will have several topics lined up for your talks. Choosing the right topic for your conversation is quite important as the further talks are all dependent on your first step. Pick out the topic which the girl feels good to talk about. Keeping your nose high and acting with an egoistic approach won’t help you in such cases. Similarly, you can interact about the topic the girl has no idea about.  Get to know about her hobbies and interests and make them as your topic of discussion. You can even talk about the latest movie she saw and the celeb she dreams about. Once you have a good start with this you will have a long list of topics to talk upon. One self-tried formula is to complimenting the girl and it always work.


No matter what you guys interact about, all conversations can sound boring if there is no fun element in them. Therefore, it is important that you add that humor component to your conversations. Doing so will surely keep the conversations going on and keep the girl interested.  Rather than trying to impress the girl with serious talks, you should always prefer to have some funny topics to discuss about. Make jokes while interacting and you will notice her enjoying your company. Pick out a topic from your conversations and narrate a funny incident from it to tickle her bones. If not a funny incident, you can crack a joke, but make sure it makes her laugh or you will become yourself a joke for her. You can even give some funny one liner to make the conversations more interesting.


The most important thing while interacting with the girl is your body language. You can’t just act too rude while interacting with the girl as you will never wish to leave a bad impression on the girl. You need to act decent and be quite careful with your choice of words while interacting with the girl you like. Add politeness to your voice and make sure that your words don’t offend her. Having that politeness in your talks is certainly the most important aspect of your impressive talking style. This will help you create a good impact on the girl and surely help you win the hear t of the girl you like.


Making the break through with your conversation is one tough thing but once you do this, you and your girl will have numerous topics to discuss about. When you are in such conditions, you need to let the girl do the talking and act as a good patient listener. It’s a golden rule to win the heart of the girl. If you want to get to know the girl you need to listen to her each and every single talk. You can pass on smile or node your head confidently during interaction for that impressive body language. If you want the topics for your conversations to never end you need to be a good listener, because a good listener can surely be a good talker.



The best way to make your conversations going on and respectively impress the girl is to have a genuine approach in your interactions. Show the girl that you are genuinely interested in her talks and are listening to every word she says. If you act too mean with her, she is certainly not going to share any more about her life with you. Always try to keep a simple and genuine approach while interacting as this is what the girls like the most.


When you need to impress the girl with your talks you need to make sense with your conversations.  The best way to achieve that sensibility with your talks is to keep them personalized. Rather than going for those random topics to talk about, you need to talk about the things she likes. Always try to keep the talks more personal and relevant. Doing so will make her feel the importance and certainly make her notice your interest towards her. However, one should know about the topics that you can talk about with the girl, as there is a thin line of difference between an admirer and a stalker.

Following are some common topics that you can always discuss with the girl you like:


This is one topic every girl loves to talk about as everyone has their own opinions about fashion. Make sure that you select the main theme of this topic as the girls as quite good with it.


The perfect way to start up the conversations with the girl you like is to discuss about the latest movie that see saw. You could even talk about the Hollywood stars, or share the latest gossip with her.You can even talk about the latest upcoming movie of her favorite celebrity.


Talk the girl about her taste in music and even ask her about her favorite artists. Once you get to know the type of music she likes to listen to, you can have some vital knowledge about the girl. Ask her if she likes to play any musical instrument and what is that inspires her to play it.

10. FOOD

This topic is certainly a good one if you are out on a dinner with the girl you like. Talk about her favorite cuisines and the things she likes to cook in her kitchen. You can even ask her about her favorite food spot and even suggest your favorite to her.


If the girl is an avid reader, you can always discuss about the books of her interest. Ask her about her favorite author and the most impressive novel she has read till now. Such topics are quite helpful in making the conversations going on.



Last but the most important thing that girls like to do is to gossip. So you can always gossip about the subjects of her interest and even add some information from your side. If you can become the perfect gossiper for your girl, you will surely be the nicest company for her.