How To Show Appreciation to Good Neighbors

It’s not easy to be a good neighbor because you have to be patient, kind, understanding and helpful without showing even the slightest bit of annoyance. Many of us don’t do that because it involves some efforts but we all like it when a neighbor helps us or stands by us in our time of need but if you want to show your appreciation and gratitude to your neighbors, here are a few ideas that can help you:

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How To Show Appreciation to Good Neighbors

1. Bake things for them

Who doesn’t like a batch of freshly baked cookies or yummy chocolate cake and I think that is the best way to show your gratitude to your neighbors. If you really want to show your appreciation to a good neighbor, bake something you know they like and take it over to their place. Not only will they understand how glad you are for their help but you will also prove to be a good neighbor yourself.

2. Invite them to your place

If your neighbors are good, you can always invite them to your house for some tea/coffee. That is a great way to show appreciation and it will also help you to get to know each other better thereby establishing a strong bond of friendship between the families.

3. Help them whenever they need help

What can show gratitude better than helping your neighbors in their time of need? It’s not always easy to be there for someone in their time of need so if you truly want to show how much you value your neighbor’s presence, help them out whenever possible even if you have to go out of your way for doing that at times.

4. Write a letter of appreciation

Actions speak louder than words but at times, words are the best form of expression. Write a ‘thank you’ note to neighbors who do something good for you to show your gratitude. If you can write a letter putting your thoughts into words, that will be the best method to convey your feelings.

5. Offer to return their favor in the future

Once your neighbors act like good neighbors by looking after your pet while you go away on a vacation or helping you around your house, offer to do the same for them. However, make sure you convey your gesture without making your neighbors feel that your are simply trying to keep things even. Avoid any misunderstandings when you communicate your wish to return the favor in the future.

6. Make a ‘thank you’ gift

After ‘thank you’ notes come thank you gifts. The basic idea behind putting some effort to show your appreciation towards good neighbors is that they should realize how grateful you feel for their help. So, giving something that you make on your own, be it cookies, a letter or a handmade birdhouse shows that you have put some thought into doing something to show your genuine gratitude to them.

7. Acknowledge their presence

Some people forget all about being neighborly once they get their work finished to the extent that they try to avoid or ignore their once helpful neighbor. You might not like certain things about them and they might even be clingy or annoying but that’s no reason to ignore someone’s presence. If you want to show your appreciation to good neighbors, greet them whenever you see them.

8. Always speak to them politely

It’s good manners to be polite to people but when the people in question are neighbors who are helpful and kind, you must be courteous with your words and manners. Don’t say things that will hurt them, even if they do something wrong. Remember, one good turn deserves another!

9. Cook a meal for them when they come back from a long trip

Remember the time you returned home from your last vacation? Honestly, the part I hate after coming home from a vacation is the cooking and cleaning. I remember this one time, when I returned home from a holiday with my family, my neighbor (who is also my friend) had prepared a meal for all of us so I was able to relax after the long flight. I felt really great and I think that is the kind of gesture one can make to show his/her appreciation to good neighbors.

10. Be willing to listen to their problems

Everyone has problems and everyone wants someone to just sit and listen to them. You can be that person for your neighbors in order to show your respect, concern and gratitude for their behavior. Don’t force them to share their feelings with you but if they ever share them on their own, listen to them patiently.

11. Overlook any small mistakes they make

If you really consider some of your neighbors to be good, don’t bother with the small things you don’t like about them. Everyone will have at least one attribute that will annoy you but if you want to show how much you value them, like them for the positive qualities they possess.

12. Invite them for parties with friends

If you are throwing a party for your friends, invite them to be a part of it. That will really make them feel welcomed and honored which is the whole point of wanting to show appreciation to people.

13. Offer to do some chores for them

If your neighbors have been kind to you in any way, you can show your gratitude by helping them to do some chores. There is no rule that forbids you from offering your help to a fellow neighbor before he/she gets the opportunity to help you in a big way so you can be the first one to make that gesture.

14. Be considerate towards them

If you really want your neighbors to know how much you appreciate their goodness, try to be considerate of them and don’t do things that will disturb them or cause a problem like playing loud music till late in the night.

15. Stand by them in their times of need

Whenever your neighbors face any difficulty, stand by them and be a source of support for them. Usually, people disappear when someone faces a problem but if you want them to know how much you appreciate their neighborly gestures, help them to deal with the situation.

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