How To Plan The Perfect Family Picnic

Picnics allow people to spend some uninhibited time together with their near and dear ones so basically, everyone really looks forward to them. A family picnic is the one time when everyone comes together to create a memory that lasts forever. When the gathering consists of such special people, it’s natural for anybody to want to make it perfect so that everyone gets their fair share of fun. This article lists a few ways you can use to ensure the family picnic is perfect:

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How To Plan The Perfect Family Picnic

1. Decide on a place

The first thing that needs to be decided before planning the details for any kind of picnic is the destination. Discuss with your family members to figure out whether they would want to go to a park, the beach or any other place for the picnic. Make sure the decision is unanimous because a picnic is about fun so everyone should be in a happy mood.


2. Make a list

When doing something that involves a large number of people, making a list of all the important things is the best way to go about it. It will help you to plan things out so that everything goes according to plan. Make a list of your family members to ensure that you invite everyone. Make a checklist of all the things you will need for your picnic.


3. Plan the menu

Menu planning comes next. Include food that isn’t prone to getting spoilt. Make a list of appetizers that will appeal to everyone and make sure you include a lot of sweet treats in your picnic basket for the family to enjoy together.


4. Ensure that the food is easy to make

Food can become a huge hassle in picnics and it can keep people on their toes. Avoid taking food that will require reheating unless you are planning on barbecuing. If you want a hassle free lunch, carry cold sandwiches, different kinds of cheese spreads and basically anything that people will enjoy eating even if the food isn’t heated.


5. Do prep work in advance

The day of the picnic can be very cumbersome with the entire family running about so prepare everything that you can in advance. Do all the slicing, dicing, cooking and labelling boxes a day in advance to make the picnic a very relaxing affair for everyone, including yourself.


6. Arrange for a family photo

No picnic can be perfect without a memorable family picture. After all, these are the memories you will cherish forever. You can boost everyone’s enthusiasm by getting personalized t-shirts for everyone. Even if the t-shirts aren’t personalized, try to make all the family members wear something similar so that the picture reflects the strong family bond.


7. Think about some bonding games

What can a picnic have if not games? Games are always a source of fun so make sure you plan some games for everyone to enjoy. If you are heading out to the beach, carry a volleyball or a football with you. If your destination is a park, include some board games as well.


8. Carry sufficient coolers

One thing that people underestimate when planning for a picnic is the capacity of an average ice cooler to hold drinks. Since the demand for ice cold beverages is usually on the higher side in a picnic, carry 2 or 3 coolers instead of 1. Make sure you have enough ice to fill these coolers with.


9. Keep an eye on the weather

The weather can add a lot of fun to a picnic or take away the point of it completely. Before you leave your house, switch on the weather channel and go through the weather forecast. It will help you to stay on top of things, prepare for any possible climatic changes and even cancel the picnic if required.


10. Carry umbrellas, an extra set of clothes and a first aid kit

Whenever you plan for a picnic, make sure you pack the basic things like umbrellas, an extra set of clothes for every family member and a first aid box to be well prepared for any kind of emergency.


11. Use disposable containers

Picnics are supposed to be hassle free so why bother with all the utensils and cutlery. Unless you are planning to have a barbecue, avoid taking any proper utensils with you. My personal favorites are aluminium or foil containers which are usually used for home deliveries. You can buy a bunch of them and pack all your food in it. Similarly, use plastic cups, forks, knives and spoons so that you can trash it all in a garbage bin before you head back home.


12. Carry sufficient beverages and water

Once you have a rough estimate of the headcount, make sure you carry enough water and beverages for everyone. Running short of these two essential things can cast a shadow on everything that you had worked hard for.