How to Motivate Yourself to Do Housework

  • Did you ever wish you had a magic wand that you could wave and make your house spic and span?
  • How many times have you put off doing the housework, in favor of something more important?
  • Do you hardly invite people home, because it is always in a mess?
  • Do you feel doing the housework is terribly boring?
  • Do you wish somebody would help you do the housework?
  • Do you wish you were SUPERWOMAN?

Well, don’t fret too much. The answers to all the 6 questions are within the questions themselves. Look properly and you’ll find them. Confused? Baffled? Well, let me help you find the 6 ways to motivate yourself to do the housework.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Do Housework

1. Pretend you have a magic wand

Take your broom, wave it around with a flourish, shout out some magical words ( ZAPAK! My house is as clean, clean, and clean as can be!) Go around happily, cleaning with enthusiasm, and yes, you’ve just made magic! Awesome magic. It’s all in the mind, folks. Housework can be a pain or a pleasure. The MAGIC is in you! Use it!


2. This is my most important job

Think of all the dreadful things that can happen if your house is in a mess. You can’t find any clean clothes to wear. You feel itchy sleeping on the dusty sheets. You have no knives to cut, no pans to cook, no mugs to drink coffee, no couch to sit on – it’s full of clothes and books- no towels , you can’t find your bag, your hairbrush, your wallet…. HELP! Folks, this is your most important job – doing your housework – so you can be calm and cool and feel good.


3. Invite people over

This can be your biggest motivation to do your housework. No woman wants other people to see her house in a mess. So you’ll go about not just cleaning the house, but beautifying it. You’ll display your crystal, change the cushion covers, spread the best sheets, and dust every nook and corner. Your house will look amazing.


4. Housework is fun

Have fun while doing your housework. Put on the music, swirl, walk on your toes, and sing along. Take a coffee break, while you watch TV. The show must go in. Tie a bandana on your head while you remove the cobwebs. Imagine the broom to be a pole and make some sexy moves while you do the pole dance. Just have fun!


5. Ask your partner or kid to help

With your daughter, take turns being Cinderella and the Stepmother. With your son, give him an energy drink, let him be Spider man or Benten and do the cleaning quickly, and with extra vigor. Reward yourselves with an ice cream or chocolate, or watch a movie after the chores are done. Give your children additional treats to keep their rooms clean always.


6. You are Superwoman

Wear an apron, and go about doing your job meticulously. Housework is not rocket science. If you make it a habit to keep things back in their place, after you’re done with it, if you keep the kitchen sink empty always, if you don’t throw things around, if you fold the clothes, and ensure your family does the same, then, you are doing a super job. Keep the major jobs like cleaning the bathrooms, washing the clothes, vacuum cleaning, etc for specific days, and stick to the schedule. Distribute the jobs amongst the different members of your family, and enjoy. Invite those friends over, and have a good time.