How to Make Your Boyfriend Realise Your Importance

When your boyfriend doesn’t give the same importance as he used to give you earlier in the relation, things get very depressing and you feel to cry out loud. However, you can turn it around if you know the proper ways about how to make your boyfriend realize your importance. Here in this article we have listed some quality ways to make your boyfriend realize your importance.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Realise Your Importance


The way you showed care and love for him might have been the biggest reason behind your relationship. It makes the guys realize that they are never alone and you will always be there as his much needed support. Guys love it when they have a partner who cares about them and it drives them crazy. However, this time if he needs your support and care, you should avoid him and refuse to help him out. Be sure that your approach is a genuine and has an honest voice. This feeling of insecurity is sure to make your boyfriend realize the importance of the times when you use to be there as support for him.


Girls with strong and independent personality are always preferred by guys. Be a girl who is so confident with her deacons that she doesn’t need anybody’s confirmation or approval. Be sure about your desires and how to achieve them. An independent girl will surely make your boyfriend realize the importance of you as his girlfriend. A girl with strong personality shows her strong will power and decision making attitude. Men have a tendency to be attracted to those women that are independent as she knows what she wants and how to get it.



The most appealing thing that attracts men is the physical beauty of a woman. When you need to make your boyfriend realize your importance it’s important that you make good efforts to look beautiful. Everyone has flaws and it’s good if you carry them with a positive approach. Keep your body at ease at let the other guys admire your beauty.  Know your best features and use it to your advantage. If you are a girl with long beautiful legs then go ahead and flaunt them once in a while. If you think your eyes are not attractive, there are ways to improve them like wearing a proper eye make-up. Practice good hygiene, always appear fresh, smell good and know how to dress properly.


If you have an attractive personality but always look sad and depressed, it is quite likely that your boyfriend will avoid you. Therefore you need to be the person that stays happy and live the life to fullest.  Guys love a fun loving personality. Generally, guys seek a girl who is someone who loves having a good time, doing fun stuff and most importantly having a laugh in your company. Some girls try to be like other girls but that totally off beam. Be a girl who is a fun loving girl who can get wild and crazy with her partner. Be yourself and let your boyfriend realize your importance.


Do you remember the times when you were single and you enjoyed the time with your friends? This is a similar scenario where you need to prove your boyfriend that you are happy with your friends. Start spending time with them as you used to do earlier. This might take some time but you will surely notice the fun element returning back in your life. Plan out the night outs, shopping, movies as you guys use to do them. With the time passing by you will notice the smile will start reaching your eyes again.



You might have been the girlfriend who used to put the entire world on hold to attend his call. However, this won’t work anymore. You need to pick his calls but not every time. Moreover, you don’t call him like before. When he asks about the ignored calls you can give him an excuse that you were busy, and that you didn’t notice he called. When you talk to him make your conversations short sometimes even hang up the call suddenly.  The times when he wishes to talk to you but find you unavailable will surely make him realize your importance.


If all the things that you have tried fail, it’s time for you to speak out your mind. After doing a lot for him, you have surely presented yourself as the worthy girl who deserves attention and love. However, if your guy still doesn’t treat you well, it is time for you to tell him about your feelings face to face.  If you think that you need to yell out at him to describe out your emotions, you are totally wrong. Here you need to show your calm and polite nature which will make him realize your importance. Speak out your mind in calm and composed manner as if you are discussing the topic about your feelings.