How to Make Him Go Crazy Over You

It’s every girl’s dream to make her man go crazy over her. There are hundreds of books written about it, and most romantic films show the man going crazy over every little action of his love. But if you really contemplate on a successful relationship, it’s the little things that you do which turn your man on. And these little things may change over a period of time. So you got to be aware and change too.

You’ll make your man go crazy over you, and remain that way, if you are simple and not manipulative. You don’t have to be the sexy, beautiful, femme fatale, as shown in the movies. You’ll drive your man far away from you, if you do this. Remember, life is not a movie. It’s real. Go along with the flow. Be happy, and bring happiness to his life. Here are a few simple things you can do to have a crazy relationship.

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How to Make Him Go Crazy Over You

1. Make him feel like a man

Every chance you get, make him feel like a man. Respect him, let him take decisions. Support him don’t always do things the way you want to. Let him show his masculinity, and take the lead when the situation demands it.

2. Enjoy doing the things he likes

Being independent is one thing, and doing things separately is another. If you want your man to enjoy your company, and want to be with you, then you need to do the things he likes to do and enjoy it. Don’t act as if you are doing him a favor.

3. Compliment him

Compliment him. On his looks, his style, his dynamism. In your private moments tell him he’s “the world’s best lover”, or “the world’s best kisser’ or whatever. Feed his ego, and you’ll have him eating out of your hands.

4. Be a little mysterious

Don’t reveal too much. Whether it’s your clothes or your thoughts, it always pays to be a little mysterious, to keep his excitement. Go step by step, till you reach the ultimate end.

5. Don’t flaunt your femininity too much

Agreed, men love all things feminine. They can’t keep their eyes off the opposite sex. But if you want to keep him crazy about you, then don’t flaunt your femininity too much. Be sensuous in subtle ways that excite him.

6. Give him space

Don’t nag him too much, or cling to him always. Men are not as emotional as women, not as communicative. They will not talk about everything all the time. Give him enough space to be himself.

7. Men like intelligent Women

Men don’t prefer dumb women as lifetime partners. They will of course enjoy them as one night stands, but for the lifetime partners, intelligent women win hands down. If he finds himself thinking more brilliantly, more profoundly, because of his interaction with you, he will enjoy being with you.

8. Be flirty

No man can resist sensuality and the flirtatious behavior of a woman. To keep him crazy about you, make sure you flirt occasionally. In parties, keep looking at him till he glances your way, then hold the glance, smile and look away.

9. Look attractive

Always look attractive. You may not be a conventional beauty, but don’t be dowdy in your appearance. Make efforts to look good for him, so he wants to be with you always and is proud of you.

10. Belong to the moment

Be spontaneous and natural, don’t pretend to be someone else, or act like someone else, to attract and keep a man. Live in the moment. If it’s raining, and the car breaks down, don’t sit in the car waiting for him to fix it. Run out, dance with him. He will then remember you every time it rains.

11. Be Warm and responsive

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only sexual prowess, or fawning helplessness that keeps a man crazy about you. It may attract him, no doubt, but ultimately it’s the tenderness, the care, the warmth and emotional stability that a woman offers to a man that keeps him crazy about her.

12. Don’t give in too easily

Men like strong women. Whatever the occasion or the circumstances whether it is in the bedroom, or outside it, don’t give in too easily. Most men like the chase, before the catch. So, give them a good run.

13. Make him feel larger than life

Be responsive to your man. Give him a sense of being more than he thought he was. Lead him to do things that he thought he couldn’t do. Bring out the hidden spirit in him. He will forever be thankful to you for bringing him out of his shell.

14. Support him emotionally

Men trust women who transmit to others their particular emotional atmosphere without over reacting and making a scene. They like women who understand their feelings, their sorrow, who make them laugh and feel happy.

15. Don’t be too available

If you follow all the fourteen points listed above, you are sure to keep your man crazy about you. Don’t be too available. Miss some of his calls. Take your time to reply to his messages. Pretend you are too busy to talk. Keep him thirsting for you, and when you do meet, go all out to keep him happy.