How to Make a Woman Feel Special

Everyone in this world likes to feel special. In any relationship, it is important to make the other person feel special.How to Make a Woman Feel Special The desire to be competent and the fear that he is not, is at the root of a man’s psychological being, whereas, the desire to be loved, and the fear that she’s not is at the root of a woman’s psychological being.

When you think in the context of a relationship, the crucial thing that makes a woman feel secure, is through her man’s trust-able actions and deeds. The best way to impress a girl is to do things to make her feel wanted and special, like a queen. Here are 15 Ways to make her feel Special.

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1. Be a Compassionate listener

It is said that men speak 2000 words to a woman’s 7000. While a man speaks to put across a point and state facts, women speak for those reasons and much more, like to relieve stress, to form a bond and to create an intimate mood. Women feel emotionally supported when you listen. Listen actively, making eye contact.

2. Display your affection

Put your arm around her and hug her. This will make her feel protected and looked after. If you feel someone or something is upsetting her, take her side, and talk in favor of her.

3. Show small acts of kindness

Although it may be difficult for a man to understand, little acts of kindness, like, getting her flowers, buying a surprise gift, offering to help is she’s tired, calling up to inform that you will be late, giving her a hug and a kiss, all these little things make a Big difference to a woman.

4. Compliment her

Recognition and compliments make any person happy, more so a woman. Most of the things she does, the sacrifices she makes, the responsibilities she handles, often go un-noticed. Compliment her, on keeping a lovely house, on maintaining herself and looking so good, her new hairstyle, new clothes or shoes.

5. Ask for her opinion

Whenever there is an important decision to be taken, make sure you involve her, and ask her opinion. It could be about your career, which she is really not so clear about, but explain the situation and ask for her opinion. It will make her feel important and special.

6. Share Interests

Talk about your likes and dislikes, and when you find something that both of you like doing, like playing tennis, or listening to music, watching horror films, do it together.

7. Help her with house chores

Most women get fed up doing the household chores day in and day out. Cooking, cleaning, washing, tidying up, making the food, clearing up can make her go nuts. Offer to help with at least some of the chores, as often as possible.

8. Cook for her occasionally

Offer to cook her favorite dishes, occasionally, when she just has to relax and do whatever she wishes. Lay the table, and do everything in style. Order her favorite dessert, or take her out for an after dinner drive and ice cream.

9. Tell her that she’s the most special person in your life

Tell her that you are really concerned about her, her needs and wants. Tell her that no one has ever made you feel this way before. She is the most special person in your life.

10. Tell her she is beautiful

Tell her she’s beautiful, as often as you can. She could be sans make up, in her pajamas, or with her hair in a mess. Telling her she’s beautiful will make her feel all the more wanted and special.

11. Don’t stare at other girls

Men will be men. You will feel tempted to stare, if you see a beautiful, sexy woman. Try not to stare too long, or keep looking in that direction, because your girl will always know if you do, and this will make her feel insecure.

12. Respect her

Both of you may not like the same things, the same food, or movies, or places to visit. Don’t ridicule her, or make fun of her, or her choices. Respect her, her feelings and likes, and occasionally pretend to enjoy what she likes, to make her feel good.

13. Remember Important days

Every girl remembers every important milestone in her life. Make sure you never forget birthdays, wedding anniversaries and festivals. And participate wholeheartedly in the celebrations she plans for the “day we met” anniversary, monthly wedding anniversary, and other little things that you may not remember.

14. Remember what she likes and dislikes.

When you go to a restaurant, make sure you order the dish the way she likes it. This will show her that you are paying attention to her. When at a friend’s place, if you tell them which drink she likes, and how she likes it, she will feel on top of the world and very, very special.

15. Tell her she is your first priority

Tell her that whatever happens, you will make sure she is happy now, and even after you die. She is so special, so important and your first priority. Anytime she feels low and depressed, she must come to you and share, so that you can make her feel good, and loved and wanted. She is the most special person in your life.