How to Attract a Guy and get his Attention

Does your heart goes thumping out whenever you see him. If yes, then you are surely in love and I can well understand the feelings that you have. Your heart would be singing romantic songs and dancing on a rhythmic fast heart pace. Poor you! All you can do is to peep from behind and let the foolish heart control your mind. Na! Never! If you are carrying that love expression on your face and he still doesn’t know it, you need to know how to attract a guy. Here in this article, we have listed some brilliant ideas that will surely help you to attract the guy towards you.


The first thing that you need to do is to know about the guy, you like. Both of you might be acquaintances who are not in talking terms right now. However, you can make the things go good if you can run into each other at the gym or frequent into a same cafe joint daily. Get introduced to your common friends or join the hobby classes he visits on a regular basis. Once you are a familiar face around him, you can go ahead and talk to him.



A guy will certainly be attracted towards a girl who looks elegant and has a fashionable dressing style. In order to attract the guy, you need to change your looks and present out in a more stylish manner that leaves a good impression on the guy.  Chose the clothes that fits you good and don’t forget to enhance your looks with some elegant accessories. Don’t overdo this step or you might end up as a totally different personality to judge out.



Now that you guys are familiar to each other, the next that you need to take is to get in talking terms with the guy. You can always make a common subject as the starting topic for your conversations. For instance the last movie you saw, but make sure that you discuss his favorite genre. If you find it difficult to start a conversation with the guy this idea will surely work for you. You can also talk about his interests like the football match, favorite team or the last night match he might have seen. Guys love to talk about things they are interested in. Ask him questions about his job or a bike that he owns and he’ll be talking for hours.


One thing that attracts the guy is the confident nature of a girl. So, it is important that you project confidence in your attitude, especially when you are talking to him. Doing things in a confident manner will surely give you an edge over the others. A guy will surely get turned on to see a girl who is confident in talking and dressing terms. One more important thing that you need to keep in mind is to have confident body language.  The best way to have a confident body language is to maintain a proper eye contact while talking and not making any irritating or unnecessary gestures. Make a decent kind of behavior so that you leave a good impression on his mind.


One thing that a girl generally does when she wants to get in a relationship is that she breaks a contact sight with all of her friends and hobbies. But girls, trust me this thing is totally undesirable. Remember that the friends and hobbies that you are planning to leave behind just for him were the things that could have made him attracted to you. Men love women who have a varied lifestyle that they are proud of. Girls with their own pursuits and ambitions always attract men and they tend to stay with them so that they can know them better. If you give up these things for a man, you might think that it communicates devotion to the relationship, but actually it indicates neediness.


A girl with too loud and talkative personality can be something that can turn off men, similar is the case with a girl with silent personality. In order to attract the guy, you need to be a good communicator.  Guys love the fact that you can share your views over a wide range of topics. If the guy loves to listen to you he will surely spend more time with you. As good speaker you need to be good listener too. You need to be a good listener in order to win your boyfriend’s heart. By being a good listener, you will be saving the relationship from a lot of unwanted fights and arguments.



A guy will surely love to be with a girl who is responsible enough to take care of her and even of others. For this very reason, you need to be a girl who acts as a support to him and stands by his every decision. Try and keep lovely gestures on your face and it won’t take too long for the guy to get attracted towards you. One thing that the guys hate the most is the unnecessary interference in their personal life.  Never act as if you are a parasite on him and let him live his life the way he wants to. Showing over possessiveness is the common mistake that girls make during the relationship or even sometimes before getting into a relationship.


Guys love girls who have a great sense of humor. If you are able to make a guy laugh and being able to laugh with him it can turn into a very important ingredient for keeping a guy interested. A guy is likely to stay with you if you can cheer up his mood with small funny jokes or incidents. Not to mention that people who have a good sense of humor usually don’t take themselves too seriously, which for a lot of guys can be a huge turn-off. So don’t be afraid to show your funny side by making him laugh. It will make him want to keep spending time with you.


When you need to attract the guy, you need to put in all your efforts. For this you will have showcase your talents and your strengths. Focus on your positive activities that the guy will love to see in you. Come out as a complete package for him and notice his gradual attraction towards you. For instance if you are a good singer (which normally girls are), you can show your singing talents on a karaoke night and let him admire the hidden talents in you.

I hope the above mentioned points will be a big help for you and will surely make the guy attracted towards you. Lastly you need to understand the fact that the key on how to attract a guy is to be the complete package. Remember that you need to have good looks, confident attitude, positive body language and a good sense of humor. One thing that is above all is to be yourself and never change your personality just because if one person.