How to Ask a Guy Out for a Nice Time Together

Does your heart feel thumping out and get that warm feelings whenever that special guy looks at you. Do you get a feeling that you are in love, but aren’t confident enough to approach him. Worry not, because here in this article we have listed some quality ideas that tell you how to ask a guy out.

Generally, the guys are the one who make the first move to approach a girl. However, this doesn’t mean that the girls have to leave in the same impression and wait the guy to approach her. The fear of rejection can be bothering for both the sexes and is a common thing when you like a person deeply. However, this fear thing won’t help you to get your guy.  You need to step out and follow the steps mentioned below.


The first and certainly the most important step in order to make the guy fall in love with you is to dress up in a proper manner. Generally, guys admire a well-dressed, dapper looking girl than going for a skiver. This even includes managing your looks, health and general hygiene. A guy will certainly be attracted towards a girl who looks elegant and has a fashionable dressing style. In order to attract the guy, you need to change your looks and present out in a more stylish manner that leaves a good impression on the guy.   Chose the clothes that fits you good and don’t forget to enhance your looks with some elegant accessories. Don’t overdo this step or you might end up as a totally different personality to judge out.



Now that you look pretty gorgeous from your physical appearance the next thing that you need to do is to add that confidence in your attitude. This is seriously not a thing that can be easily brought in your approach. Getting that attitude might take some time but once you have it there is no turning back for you. Men love women who are smart, confident and positive minded. A confident woman is certainly a turn-on for women. Keep a cool attitude and make sure that you act too nervous in front of your guy. Make your attitude full of confidence and project it in whatever you do.One more important thing that you need to keep in mind is to have confident body language.  The best way to have a confident body language is to maintain a proper eye contact while talking and not making any irritating or unnecessary gestures. Make a decent kind of behavior so that you leave a good impression on his mind. The smile is the best surplus of women’s body language and can surely attract point for a man. A smiling face is the projection of your confident attitude. Having a smile on your face when you talk to a man makes him feel that you’re actually enjoying his company.  Smile makes you look a confident and surely more beautiful.


The way you talk is surely the important aspect to attract the guy. A girl who knows what to say and how to say it in a right manner will always surely attract a guy. Get to know your guy and find some common points among yourself which interest you both for you can talk about. All you need is to do random stuffs and in no time you will have crazy incidents to tell to your guy. If you find it difficult to start a conversation with the guy this idea will surely work for you. You can also talk about his interests like any football match, favorite team or the last night match he might have seen. Guys love to talk about things they are interested in. Ask him questions about his job or a bike that he owns and he’ll be talking for hours.


One common fact, but forgotten in the modern race is that men are always inclined towards the artistic or talented side of women. Whatever your talent might be make sure that you cash in your talent at the right time. For instance, is singing is your biggest talent, you can it your precious asset and project your love for him with a romantic song. Prove yourself a winner to the guy and he will surely shower you with his complete attention and affection. Men love women who have a varied lifestyle that they are proud of it. Girls with their own pursuits and ambitions always attract men and they tend to stay with them so that they can know them better. If you give these things up for a man, you might think that it communicates devotion to the relationship, but actually it indicates neediness.



Guys love the fact that you can share your views over a wide range of topics. If the guy loves to listen to you he will surely spend more time with you. To be a good speaker you need to be a good listener too. You need to be a good listener in order to win your boyfriend’s heart. By being a good listener, you will be saving the relationship from a lot of unwanted fights and arguments. The only thing that can drive a guy towards you is your mysterious nature. The guy will be curious to know more about you and open the wrapped secrets in your mind. It is always advisable to be a little secretive and mysterious before the guy completely falls for you. Let your secrets be for him, but not too early. Having a far too open approach might look good for some days but it will surely end in a short period of time. A guy will surely love to be with a girl who is responsible enough to take care of her and even of others. For this very reason, you need to be a girl who acts as a support to him and stands by his every decision. Try and keep lovely gestures on your face and it won’t take too long for the guy to get attracted towards you.



Now that you have proven your confidence and presented you as the person to be with, you need to give your guy a chance. So, the best way to say out your feelings is by planning out a date with him. This step is something that most girls feel the toughest one to go for. However, if you have properly executed the previous steps, the guy will definitely come a little close to you by now. Therefore, you should be confident enough to ask out him for a date. If you have proven yourself the right person in the previous steps then he would certainly say yes this time. If he says yes, you should be ready with a concrete plan which certainly is a projection of your confident attitude. Now that he has agreed for a date, you need to surprise him with a romantic dinner and say out the feelings of your heart.