The mainstream press and political pundits are once again pushing the topic of a conservative hidden agenda. While it gets tiring for those of us who know better, it is nonetheless a very effective tool in the liberal arsenal. I hear people around me telling how they don’t trust Stephen Harper. I must admit that I am stymied and amazed. Looking at the bunch who are running things right now, I can’t imagine Stephen Harper as the one that Canadian’s deem untrustworthy.

For the last few generations, Canadians have been force fed the rights movement. It was started by individuals, but the cause was quickly taken up by politicians who knew just how much mileage they could get out of it. Canadians are now told that if the ‘other’ party gets into power, they will rob you of these rights. Nothing could be further from the truth, but that is the image that is projected by the liberal press, and it is indeed embraced by most.

We have to change that. Conservative thinking Canadians are not tyrants or dictators, they do not want to force everyone into a church and tell them how to live each day. They are not a group of whackos, they are just as normal as everyone else. and we must convince the person next to us. The things we want to change are the things that are broken. Our criminal laws favor everyone but the law abiding Canadian citizen, our immigration laws make it impossible to immediately ship threats home, child sex offenders are set free to live next door, our judges are changing laws faster than legislators are writing them.

This problem is one of the scariest, but most Canadians do not understand why. Conservatives are not crying out about this because they are losing battles, but because it is constitutionally wrong, and if our constitution is not upheld, then neither are the protections against a tyrannical government that the people now enjoy, and as many of Canada’s citizens come from countries rules by regimes, they should be taught about this.

We elect our legislators, based upon their political and social views, as we hope that the legislation they enact will reflect those views, our views, but our judges are making these elected officials a mute point, and that is dangerous for any democracy. We need to get the truth out and we need to dispel the media’s attempt to make us all look like crusaders.

Hidden agenda? I don’t think so. Conservatives want to stop the buying of power, the buying of influence, we want laws to reflect the desires of a majority of Canadians, not the special interests. We need to fix our ailing country, and if you don’t think that it needs fixing, just listen to those around you. Hidden agenda? I do know of one. That is the one that the Liberal Party has been embarked on since the sponsorship program embarked. It was to siphon off tens of millions of dollars of Canadians’ hard earned money to prop up a fledgling political party and to influence an election.

Now, with billions of your dollars they are at it again, but this time it isn’t hidden, it is being done in the open, flagrantly, right in our faces. We must not allow this to be rewarded.

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