There was a story written yesterday on the cost of our prime minister’s 2 day trip to Washington last year. Are you ready for this? Try just short of $418,000 dollars. You have got to be kidding me!

Martin’s entourage, which included 45 people, not including the RCMP security staff, spent over $120,000 on vehicle rentals. This is absolutely outrageous. This is not Martin bashing, it is simply reprehensible, no matter who chalked this tab up or what party he is running. For $120,000, you could buy a bus! Not charter it, but buy it. This tab is for 2 days. Tell me that this is a legit bill, and I’ll start coughing up quarters for you.

The bill goes on to include over $256,000 additional dollars for “accomodation and travel.” Apparently somebody took one of those ‘around the moon’ trips that the Russians are selling.

I don’t understand how politicians, any politician, can look at their fellow Canadians and say with a straight face that this kind of extravagance is justified. Who do these people think they are? For $250,000, the average Canadian could go on a holiday for a year! Not a month, not 2 days, but a year!

For 45 people, this obscene amount comes in at over $9200 a person for two days. Where were these people staying, and what where they driving? Did they get to keep the Porsches.

Add to this insult the amount of $6,700 for translation services. This may come as a shock, but I have been to the United States. They speak, are you ready? ENGLISH! Yes, we have a common language! Perhaps the waiter at Chez Nu couldn’t understand what a BLT was.

As a Canadian who actually has to work for a living and has to foot the bill, I have every right to be outraged, and so do you. This is not fair to you or I, and it certainly speaks volumes of how much respect our politicians have for us. So must for the change that was promised to us.

Cheque please.

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