Has it occurred to anyone else that we have found it necessary to adhere to the requirements of our pop culture no matter what it asks of our children?

As I was walking with my sons to the park yesterday, a young girl came around a corner directly in front of us, and much to my chagrin, she wore nothing more than a teddy from the waist up. For those of you who do not know the term, it is an item of lingerie; a silky material that drapes the body in a most alluring fashion.

Now I must confess that I have seen women in teddy’s before, but I can’t recall them wearing them out in public, nor can I recall ever seeing one on a child. It deeply troubles me to see a child wearing an article of clothing that is designed to lure a man’s gaze to her breasts.

That girl is not alone. I see many young women prancing through the mall, strutting like peacocks as they wear clothing that is simply far too revealing. I have a hard time understanding how a parent today can not only allow her daughter to wear such an item at the early ages that they are, but I am completely at a loss to fathom the decision to allow one’s own child to wear such an item out in a public setting. The girl I referred to above was no more than 12 or 13, and in my opinion, her parents need a smack upside the head. (Yes, I am promoting violence.)

The saddest statement of all is that the parents of that child are not exclusive. It seems that our current generation is no longer in control of their own children or worse, simple does not require them to meet any sort of a standard. What has happened? Are we afraid of damaging our children by setting guidelines for them? Have we been taught that they are equal to us and that their opinions should be respected?

If so, that is a shame. Our children not only require guidelines, but they crave them. Study after study (as well as common sense) has shown that the child who has parameters will almost always succeed far more than the child who is left with none. Why? Because our children understand, despite their very vocal objections, that by requiring them to meet an expected code of behaviour, we are showing them the value with which we hold them. They know that a parent who requires something of them is a parent who loves them. Over time, we have somehow been tricked into believing otherwise.

What a sight it is to be standing in a line nowadays behind a young woman and to be subjected to a view of her thong strap. Not because you want to, but because her waistline on her pants is low enough to expose the top of her butt crack and because she has her thong pulled up purposely to show off the fact that she is wearing one. How utterly disgusting and sad. Not only because it proves that she has no real self-respect, but also because her parents failed to pass on any idea of the concept of class.

While a generation of women struggled to break away from being sex objects, we are now allowing and encouraging our most precious possessions, our daughters, become willing participants in a culture of sexual perversion and it is to their own detriment.

I believe that we should be teaching our daughters to respect their bodies. We should teach them about the appetites of men and what lust is. We should teach our daughters that our sex appeal should be cherished and given to one whom we love, not made into a fashion statement that will cause men to have no respect for them.

Today’s women are defrauding the men around them. By defrauding, I mean to say that they are encouraging them to lust and to gawk. I don’t state this as an accusation blaming simply women, but I will say that it is the women who will suffer for it. We are not only teaching our daughters to flaunt their womanhood, but we are at the same time teaching our sons to lust and crave and to allow their natural inclinations to rule them. We are cheapening the human body and its natural attractions.

As a result we will see more and more men grow up without a measure of self-control or any respect for women. I have seen it happen first hand, and I have heard their opinions of these women. It is almost always degrading, unflattering, and is never given with any reverence. What a shame, for this will lead many women into marriages with a man who sees her as nothing more than an object of his pleasure.

She will never be cherished or truly admired. Part of the reason for that is that her husband was never taught to cherish women, and part of the reason is because women have traded their prized possession, modesty, for a piece of the pop culture and a slice of the latest fashion.

To all of the parents out there who can stand behind their own daughters today and see their thong strap I say shame on you. Perhaps it is still not too late to teach her about dignity, modesty, and self-respect. Am I being judgmental? You bet.

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