Listening to the rhetoric of the illegal immigrants in the United States as they ‘demand’ amnesty, I wonder how any country can deal with millions upon millions of invaders? Is there a point where it is no longer possible to reverse a trend, and has America reached it?

Watching what has happened in the American southwest, and indeed throughout the nation, highlights the utter fallacy of the last couple of presidents. Can you imagine standing at your front door with a gun, with 10 locks on it, and your whole family scanning the street for burglars? How dumb would it make you if somebody simply walked up behind you, put a gun to your head, and disarmed you; all because you felt no need to lock the back door?

While it may be a crude analogy, that is exactly what has happened in the United States. After spending trillions, yes, with a ‘t’, to prevent hostile nations around the globe from encroaching on the security of the U.S., no one saw it necessary to watch the back door. As a result, the American nation is now at a watershed time in its history.

There is now talk of the illegals taking to the streets on May 1 to shut down America’s biggest cities. Some that have been named are Fresno, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. With more than a million marchers expected in L.A. alone, one has to wonder what the American government can do about it. I, for one, cannot picture 1 million people, but I do know that there is pretty much no way to contain a gathering of that size. That makes American law as it pertains to lawful gatherings somewhat mute.

We have all watched France come embroiled in ethnic riots over the last two years, with the immigrants increasing in numbers to the point that they cannot be controlled or contained. Immigration, for the most part, is a good thing. But left uncontrolled, as it has been, it can become not only a thorn in your side, but the impetus for the overthrow of a nation.

A nation is only successful when a large majority of its people have the same values and core beliefs. When you water down that solidarity, you begin to have different factions pulling your nation in different directions. The result is that you get nowhere, (ever watch a game of tug-of-war?), and at the very worst, you end up with civil war.

Some would argue that civil war is unlikely and the wrong term, as these are not American citizens. The problem is that they have become such an integral part of American society, that social unrest would have the exact same result. There are many Americans now siding against their own nation. They are doing so in the belief that they are being compassionate when all they are really being is manipulated.

The problem now, I truly believe, is unsolvable. I cannot see any way for the government to repair this problem. Those that are already in the U.S. will stay. Why do I think that? For one thing, as I stated earlier, the only way to remove millions of people is by force, and probably a military one. That would result in what would closely resemble civil war. I do not see the current president (who, by the way, I have sided with on most issues) having the support or determination necessary for the expulsion of that many people. Nor do I see the American government willing to use its military against these aggressors. I also do not see Americans themselves in agreement on what must be done.

The House and Congress have too much partisan politics happening and too many fools within its midst to tackle this issue or to be willing to support any president in doing what should and must be done. There are many bleeding hearts, and many enemies of America who call themselves senators. They have not the knowledge of history nor the expertise of a statesman to understand the calamity that they are facing, nor the resolve to solve the problem even if they had.

Let me use another analogy. Let’s say somebody breaks into your home. Your wife, a liberal, says that you should welcome him. After all, everyone needs to eat. You, a conservative, agree, but state that the security and welfare of your own family comes first. Before you know it, three of his friends have joined him. Your wife is still insisting that you feed and help the intruders. Because you don’t have the fortitude necessary to impose your own will or do what you believe is right, you succumb to your kind but unwise wife and allow the intruders to stay.

They stay for a long time. In fact, after a while, they start to receive mail. Finally, years later, you have had enough. The visitors are now affecting your financial status, and are influencing your children. In fact, two of your three children now side with them over you most of the time. You go to court to have them evicted. The judge states that since they have lived with you this long, they are now part of your family, own part of your home, and have every right to stay.

So then, where does America stand today? On two wobbly legs.

I know that I will receive a lot of nasty emails from people explaining to me that these people are people and can’t be illegal. Save your emails, because they show that you simply do not understand the importance of national security or sovereignty.

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