Many of the world’s leaders became optimistic after Hamas’s stunning victory in the recently held Palestinian Authority elections, and many have openly hoped that Hamas will become more civilized once the fact that they had attained legitimate power has sunk in. Indeed, history would show that many abhorrent organizations have become non-violent once their aims were achieved. The Irish Republican Army is the best example in our time.

The transition from terrorist to legitimate government is not very likely to happen with Hamas, as their main objective is hatred of the Jewish race and the fulfillment of their single most solemn vow; to eradicate Israel. In case some haven’t noticed, this objective has not been achieved. Should Hamas change course, I would gratefully welcome the change, and it would please me much to be able to say that I was wrong, but I truly don’t believe that a change is in the cards.

The reasons for this are complex, but they are also simple, if that makes any sense. Those who control Hamas have held on to power by rallying the Palestinian people against Israel. It isn’t hard to do. When one lives in squalor next to a mansion, it is easy to feel hard done by and neglected. Palestinians are no different than any other people, and fall into the same trap that many of our own do.

The politics of division have always worked, and work the best with a people who live in squalid conditions. Instead of looking at their own leadership and its shortcomings, the Palestinian people have their attention directed at Israel, and as always, it isn’t hard to use the emotion of jealousy to incite a nation. It seems that the Palestinians are also oblivious to the consequences that their recent election choice is going to have on their lives.

Things will not improve for this people, but will get decidedly worse as Hamas refuses to distance itself from its own terrorist roots, and indeed, its rhetoric suggests that it has no intention on becoming a dignified or respected member of the world community.

If Hamas were to simply change gears, even slightly, the people that they have trained to hate Israel would turn on them, and yet another faction would rise up to fill the void. Hamas has painted itself into the proverbial corner, and it has only itself to blame.

Recent developments have Hamas calling on the international community, that being people such as you and I, to continue our financial aid to its people all the while refusing to state whether they will acknowledge agreements signed by the outgoing administration; and also while it continues to deny that Israel has the right to exist.

It seems that Hamas wants everything its own way. It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

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