Just when you think that the mainstream press may figure out the reason that their viewership continues to decline, they find an even lower ledge to perch upon.

Finding the story relating to the claims that President Bush invaded Iraq on the advice of God isn’t hard. It is on the front of every news site that I pulled up today. In the never ending effort to discredit this man, the press is cutting off its own air supply. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing, but watching organizations that used to be on the top of the game become a reflection of the National Enquirer is a little painful. It is a sad proclaimation on the state of things.

While some have suggested that the president may be suffering from severe mental inllness, I would counter that with a claim of my own. For those of you who would read the enemies propaganda and help disseminate it, (read: the media), I would accuse you of being a treasonous enemy of freedom. For our press to pick this story up and run with it, thus lending it credibility, is the most unabashedly shameful thing they have done in a long time, and that is some feat, especially for our press.

The white house has come out denying this story and stating that the information is false. Our press has been sure to add this information at the bottom of the story.

No wonder western countries are starting to fade in their greatness. Whenever they have the chance to have great leaders, the population allows a few egotistical news organizations to tear them down. Mediocrity is worshipped in our papers, (as in Chretien, Clinton, et al) and lies are reported in a context where they appear to be factual. I find it amazing that some of these news organizations can still sell print.

An obvious point to the propaganda worthiness of this story is Al-Jazeera mocking someone for hearing God, all the while espousing the same hatred as those islamic murderers who constantly are idolized in their paper for killing in the name of God. Can they be any more hypocritical?

Let the islamic extremists accuse George Bush of hearing God. It’s too bad more of us don’t. At least our god doesn’t tell us to strap explosives to women, and teach little children how to kill foreigners. Maybe the Al-Jazeera reporters must be feeling a little down, seeing as how their false religion has failed to turned their countries into anything other than third world dust bowls. Organizations like Al-Jazeera will continue to mislead those in the Middle East who are gullible, ensuring that they stay there.

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