Several international groups are organizing a concerted battle against the proposal of allowing Islamic law to play a part in legal proceedings in our country. Yes, Canada, the country that has successfully decimated anything resembling Christianity in its legislative tenets is now considering a move that would embrace Islam.

The protests on Thursday will span the globe and will include at least six European cities and five Canadian cities. Some of these will include Toronto, Ottawa, Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Stockholm. It will be joined by over 100 organizations. One thing is certain, Mr. Martin and friends have truly done something unheard of when the folks in Sweden and France think we have become too liberal.

The law that has so many so worried is the basic philosophy of Sharia. While I know not much about Sharia law, I don’t really wish to debate its philosophy anyway. The point that should be made is that the Ontario government is seriously considering this as a viable option. This in a land where anyone with a Christian value system who speaks up to enlighten listeners on his or her beliefs is ridiculed, chastised, and if they truly believe in their faith, are labeled as zealots and extremists. What, all of a sudden, makes Sharia law an acceptable extension to our already established civil law?

Proponents are using the argument that since Jews and Christians already use the tenets of their faith, why not muslims? The simple truth in that question is not at all simple, but it does come down to an easy answer. Sharia law does not represent the majority view of muslims, only those anti-west muslims of the kind that we saw in the Taliban in Afghanistan. As well, the Jewish and Christian faiths do not place their women in subservience, but Sharia does.

One thing I’ll say for the proponents of this law being recognized in a foreign country is that they picked the right battleground. Canada is now the most liberal country on the planet, and it has the most liberal supreme court. That, in turn, hands down the most liberal legal decisions. If these people will succeed anywhere on earth, it will be Canada, because as long as it isn’t Jewish or Christian, it is welcome and openly embraced as diversity.

Perhaps that is why the international community is mobilizing in the second annual global protest against this law in Canada. Perhaps they see how far we have slid, unlike most Canadians themselves.

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