Earlier this year, the federal government announced that they were hoping to open our immigration system to allow a further 300,000 people into our country. While I cringe at the thought of even more diversity, and a further erosion of the country that I remember, I guess it is inevitable. Things change, and I had better get over it.

Abortion on demand has resulted in over a million fewer children being born in our country, leaving a huge gap in our population. High taxation and higher prices for everything from food to energy has Canadians seeing their standard of living eroded, or at the very least, finding it more difficult to retain the standard that they now enjoy.

While it is still possible to have a large family, the effort that it requires is usually more than most Canadians are willing to commit to. For these reasons, the Canadian family has been shrinking. Not only the individual one, but the country as a whole. We are not producing enough children to perpetuate our culture. Another worry to our politicians is our aging population. Again, this is due mainly to a reduction in the amount of children born per family due to attitude shifts, high taxation, abortion, and now homosexual unions which cannot produce offspring.

Now that the only hope for our country to expand in any meaningful way is through immigration, we should perhaps begin to do it properly. For many years now, we have been allowing anybody and everybody to pass the “Welcome to Canada” sign at the airport.

It seems that we have not only attracted the drug kingpins and warlords. Recent reports have been showcasing immigrants who are highly skilled. Unfortunately, these educated peoples are being stifled by our bureaucracy. They are coming to our land with hopes and aspirations of a better life. They should, as we are still one of the most magnificent countries on the planet, despite our politicians. Something terrible is happening to their hopes, however.

Canada has a very rigorous system of bureaucracy. It seems as though we love to regulate. To be fair, regulations are wholly necessary. I sure wouldn’t want to be going in for surgery not knowing the credentials or qualifications of the one performing the operation. In Canada, we can be pretty much assured that our doctor is competent. Sure, there are exceptions, but not enough of them to cause me to lose sleep. (If that is not the case, then I am blissfully ignorant; don’t ruin it for me.)

Many other countries have their own standards and certifications. They are, of course, different than ours. For that reason, one cannot go to a foreign country, take a less stringent course, and return home to practice. This would be welcoming mediocrity and failure. Our higher education system has been built up since the founding of our culture, and is one of the best in the world. We teach some of the finest doctors, engineers, computer programmers, etc. The list of accomplishments is far too vast to even begin to list. I must also add that we are not the only excellent nation, and must expand our list of nations whose credentials we accept.

The unfortunate reality for many immigrants entering our country is that they obviously do not have Canadian certification or credentials, and as a result, are unable to ply their trades in our country. As said earlier, this is a necessary safeguard against our students going to other countries for their training, where perhaps the standards are not kept as high as ours.

But what about someone who has studied, been schooled, and has been certified to be a professional in a foreign land. Should he or she be asked to simply begin anew? There are literally thousands of skilled professionals here who are not being heard, nor being helped. Canada has made it known to pretty much the entire planet that we have a doctor shortage, a nurse shortage, as well as shortages in many other skilled trades. People that fit the bill to what is needed here are being allowed to immigrate and then are pretty much hired as cab drivers. Why? There are several reasons.

The biggest reason of all of these is a lack of political planning and will power. Our colleges and universities are powerful lobbyists. They have a huge amount of political clout and use it fairly wisely. Our employment system is based on diplomas, degrees, and titles. Our educational system has promised itself a long life, as the system is designed to perpetuate it. Our colleges and universities also grant licenses to practice many professions, as do professional organizations such as Chartered Accountants and the like. While we have been quick to usher in skilled immigrants, it seems that we have failed to do anything to help or accommodate them once they arrived.

Our skilled immigrants are arriving on our shores willing to work. Instead, we are turning them into minimum wage earning unskilled servants, such as waiters, cab drivers, security guards, and convenience store clerks. They are being stonewalled when they enquire about their professions. They are being courted because of their skills, but are being told that their skills are not recognized once they get off of the plane. It seems that no one had thought of this before the immigration push was ordered. Did no one anticipate that the immigrants arriving from India, China, Hong Kong, and other places were not schooled in Canada?

It may sound funny, but it is not. This lack of fundamental foresight is costing Canada tens of millions of dollars. We are bringing in people who are educated, and setting them up as becoming dependant on our welfare state. They are not contributing to our culture, our future, or our economy, because they are not being permitted to. There are no programs in place to expedite or fast track these new citizens. Their skills are not recognized or appreciated and they are being told that they have to start over. As a result, they are leaving, and fewer skilled people are coming. The end result of this catastrophe?

To summarize, the result will be this. Fewer skilled workers arriving, which means more driftwood who cannot contribute to our country. Canada will attract more unskilled labour than skilled, which includes criminal elements and the chronically dependent. The skilled people here now will continue to be stifled and will be a drain on our country instead of a stimulus. Those who can will leave for more welcoming countries such as the United States or Britain. Our chronic shortages in areas of engineering, information technology, and medicine will continue and may even worsen.

The federal government just announced additional funding to train new doctors. This is wonderful, but how about putting together a one year course to fast-track all of the foreign doctors who are driving people home from the airport?

Immigration Minister Joe Volpe said last month, “Looking to the future, more successful and well integrated newcomers in all parts of Canada are key to nation building and to our economic prosperity.” You are right, Mr. Volpe. Now if they could only get a job. We must certify these new Canadians before they languish and leave.

Perhaps if skilled immigrants could actually be hired in their professions here, more would come. Instead, they tell their peers to not come. It is a dead end, they say. Those in power had better come up with something to fix these problems, or our highways are going to get even more congested. Why? Because next year, Canada may have 300,000 more cab drivers.

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