Here is a little tidbit I found on the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation (CTF)website. It was found in a back issue of one of their magazines, and was originally published in the national post. CTF has a great site, with some great info. I hope you get a chuckle from this. See you tomorrow.

The stress of prison life

A recent report by Ron Stewart, Canada’s Correctional Investigator, suggests that prisoners in Canadian jails are finding life too stressful. Yikes! Are the golf courses too difficult, Mr.Stewart? Or are the waiting times too long at the tennis courts?

Stewart complains that Corrections Canada puts the most violent prisoners into one high security prison. By doing this, Stewart argues, we are hurting the self esteem of these genteel murderers and rapists. How would you like to be labelled as the “worst of the worst” Stewart asks?

He also recommends that criminals should have a say in what type of information the RCMP releases to the community when these individuals are released. Prisoners, in his view, should be able to challenge anything written in their reports. Maybe we could change phrases such as “likely to repeat again” to “works well with children.”

Stewart further feels that prisoners are not being paid enough money. Prisoners who do odd jobs in penitentiaries receive $6.90 a day. Prisoners who refuse to work get $1.60 a day just for attending jail. They
also receive an additional $4 credit per pay period. Stewart demanded that this pay be increased immediately.

Finally, Stewart believes there should be ‘stress services’ for those who have altercations with other prisoners or guards. Nothing like a good massage to relieve the stress right, Mr. Stewart? Maybe we could give these rapists and murderers stress leave. Let them back out onto the streets until they feel they are emotionally ready to finish their jail sentence.

This, of course, may already be happening through the auspices of the National Parole Board.

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