Once again, our courts have gone soft. Once more, the dead lie still with no justice to honour their memory. Welcome to Canada.

On Monday, a woman who was found guilty of killing her lover was handed a sentence that has outraged the Canadian public. Mr. Wicks, a principal at two B.C. schools, was killed by his mistress because she found out that he was cheating on her while he was cheating on his wife. Apparently it was okay to help him betray his wife, but how dare he betray her too.

Ms. Senner testified that she accidentally stabbed her lover during an argument. Apparently she was moving the knife so no one would hurt themselves. Uh, huh. That is about the same as a shooting suspect claiming he wasn’t really shooting at the police officer, but he was merely trying to empty the chamber. Mind you, there is probably a judge somewhere in Canada who would buy that.

Ms. Senner must be devastated by the harshness of her sentence. It seems that dear Ms. Senner will not be able to use e-mail for two years! She must also stay home. I wonder where Mr. Wicks will stay. Oh yeah, he’s dead, he can’t stay anywhere. While not a model citizen, Mr. Wicks was killed by a violent crime, and while found guilty, his killer will walk free, thanks to a Canadian Justice System ‘get out of jail free’ card.

The Conservative Party’s Justice critic, Vic Toews, expressed the outrage that Canadians do and should feel at this travesty of justice. He said that the sentence sends the wrong message. Talk about an understatement. I guess we know one of the Conservative Party’s ‘agendas’, tougher sentences.

As well, Mr. Toews went on to exclaim that Canadians want and need their justice system to have minimum sentences. We have said that here. We need to have protection built in to the system, not only from criminals, but from judges who are inept..

The presiding judge in the case against Ms. Senner, Glen Parrett, stated that he had the option of a suspended sentence, a conditional sentence, or a life sentence. The judge stated that he wrestled with the decision. Must have been difficult.

From what we know now, if the coin had have landed standing on its edge, she would have gotten life, heads was a conditional sentence, and tails was a suspended sentence. Police are investigating whether the coin used was an illegal two-headed variation of the common loonie.

If I am ever murdered, the state has my permission to not even waste its time and the public’s money trying to investigate the crime. I mean, what’s the use?

A further example of our justice system being far to lax is the fact that from August 17 and 23, Toronto police arrested 11 people and seized six handguns on its crackdown on gun violence. 8 of those arrested were on bail or probation for previous gun crimes. 8 of them should NOT have been enjoying freedom. Any of them could have killed someone while walking the streets. Why must we hire so many new police officers and spend hundreds of millions of dollars registering firearms if our judges are setting the criminals free? What is the use?

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