I was browsing the world wide web last night, and as a writer who likes to find different angles to current events, I go through a lot of sites.

I must admit though, I was disheartened to find that the federal government is already promoting Canada as a place to tie the knot if you are gay, with my money, before the legislation is even passed. So much for debate. If the federal government is truly holding consultations on the matter right now in good faith, then why is it promoting this as a done deal to the rest of the world. The Canadian Tourism Commission, the federal department in charge of promoting tourism to Canada, has placed the article on their website titledĀ “Us, Out and About.”

This truly shows that the federal government has already decided that this legislation will pass, which makes me wonder what happened to the people of this country having a say, them being the people that are for gay marriage, and the people that are against it. If we are going to preach tolerance, then we have to be tolerant of all views, even if they are not what the left wants to hear.

Welcome to Canada, please leave democracy at the door.

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