Shortly after the budget passed yesterday evening, allegations of vote tampering and uncounted federalist ballots in the last Quebec referendum on separation were made. Don’t you find it amazing that the allegations come to light at about the same time the speaker of the House passes the budget with his tie breaking vote?

Being a conservative Canadian, and watching the Liberal Party doing a little vote rigging of their own this week at my expense, I can only imagine how sour the mood is in Quebec, especially in separatist households. Once again, Quebecers have to sit and listen as the federal Liberals try and spin another layer of wool over their eyes.

While I love this country, and would fight to keep it, I can’t help but wonder when Quebecers will say “Enough!” Indeed, I wonder when the rest of us will say it.

I believe the Liberal Party knows that they have done irreparable harm in Quebec, and I believe they know that their actions are sure to trigger a huge wave of anti-Canadian sentiment there, so without missing a beat, they are moving from a budget vote into full gear against the Bloc. Could it be that the federal government is trying to rig the next referendum now?

If the Liberals can cast doubt and suspicion on the last vote, they ought to be able to denounce the next one as a fraud, even if Quebecers vote to separate, and once again, as with the last fiasco, I believe that this will only backfire and ensure the demise of our nation. Much to their credit, Quebecers are smarter than that.

When will our government learn to treat the citizens of this country with a little respect? Why must they treat us like we are too dumb to see through their smokescreen? As always, corruption and deceit will go unrewarded, but the problem is that the men responsible never seem to have to pay a price for it. The cost always falls on the lap of ordinary Canadians, and perhaps this time on Canada itself.

When it is all over, I hope I am wrong, because the phrase “I told you so” is such a cliche.

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