U.S. President George Bush waded into unfriendly water last week. In a bold move, Mr. Bush has stated that he thinks that creationism should be taught alongside evolution as they are both theories, and neither has been proven. While I am admittedly biased, that fact does not erode other facts, such as the statement that the president made is absolutely scientifically correct.

Evolution, while the most taught theory of how man became what he is, is still just a theory. There may be evidence to support it, but until a theory is proven, it is not fact. That is an undeniable argument no matter which side of the debate you are on.

While emotions often run high in this debate, emotions have nothing to do with science and should be kept out of it. Many in the religious community, and in fact for many hundreds of years in the Catholic church, science was looked upon as the enemy of God. I hold a much different appraisal of science. I believe it in fact glorifies Him. The only time that it comes out against God or people of faith is when bitter men and women use it to try to prove that their world view is the only plausible one, and all who disagree with them are labeled as extremists or crackpots.

If the evidence for creation is so overwhelmingly vacant, what are the believers in the evolution theory so afraid of? As alleged scientists, should their goal not be the search for truth, no matter what it is? If scientists pursue their work to try to come to the conclusion that best suits their world view, they could perhaps miss the truth while it is sitting plainly in sight.

Our children are taught evolution as though it were fact. The facts, however, are inconclusive. There have been plenty of so called ‘missing links’ discovered throughout our lifetimes, and each one has been discredited and proven to be a hoax. One would think that true men of science would be up in arms over this, as it ridicules the very foundation of their scientific world. If something is ‘proven’ to be false, it should thereby be discarded into the scrap heap of false ideas, yet these hoaxes are still taught to our children. This is not science.

When an idea is still flogged when it is known to be false, then you enter the realm of humanism. The idea is clung to because the alternative, that being the truth, is too hard for these men to consider. It would require a rethinking of their core beliefs, and they are simply unwilling to entertain the thought that they could have been so wrong for so long. Also, once you have championed an idea as long as the scientific community has championed evolution, how can you find an honorable exit?

While I have said I am biased, I don’t form my views in a vacuum. There are many, many profound members of the scientific community that are also skeptical about evolution. They are not, however, likely to be given the same standing as those who ‘tow the line’. You won’t see their works published in the mainstream scientific journals, and if by some chance they are, they will be relegated to the back pages.

The most famous scientist of the 20th century, author of the theories of relativity, and the man who wrote the hypothesis of the particle nature of light, and a Nobel laureate once said that “God does not play dice with the universe.” You see, knowing what he knew, and seeing the utter zero chance that all of the order in front of us “just happened”, he drew the conclusion that their must have been a designer. Mr. Albert Einstein was a true scientist. He forgot what he hoped to find, and just let the evidence take him to the obvious conclusion.

That, my friend, is science.

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